What Skyrim Does And Doesn't Fix About Oblivion

IGN: "What follows is a rundown of what Skyrim does (and doesn't) fix about Elder Scrolls games past. Do you agree?"

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Pug2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

For me the UI for Inventory is very poor so not sure where that guy is coming from and I find the combat pretty average, particularly the lack of any skill around blocking/parrying. I've just played The Witcher 2 and find the combat in that to be streaks ahead of Skyrim.

Highlife2712d ago

There should be some sort of sorting options in the inventory. Also the map is horrible, horses are a waste (red dead horse riding would have been awesome), game freeze twice for me(ps3 version). Other than that The game is pure awesome sauce.

Motorola2712d ago

You didn't get Shadowmere yet huh?

Iroquois_Pliskin2712d ago

Shadowmere? Can you get him in Skyrim? And how?

arnyftw2712d ago

Umm. I dont know what you're talking about, you need so much more skill to block now, lol actually idk because the last time I played a game with swords was Oblivion so maybe im just bad at it.

Pug2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

I sort of agree, compared to Oblivion its better but is that saying much? I'm comparing it to what I've played recently and I highly reccomend Witcher 2 if you haven't played it, the combat in that I found much more rewarding even though I died a lot at the beginning. You can't get away with hack/slash in Withcer 2. In Skyrim I've only played a couple of hours but have had no issues hacking my way through which feels a bit cheap to me.

Bleucrunch2712d ago

Yup I do have some issues with combat I dont think it is much of an upgrade from oblivion....and dont let me get started on the compass in the game...terrible just terrible....they should have the circle map like gta....but the map overall is an awesome upgrade from oblivion.

Brawler2712d ago

The UI is terrible on PC you cant even use your mouse to go through the menus only arrow keys. What were they thinking,giving us a console port. But at least we have mod support looking forward to a ui replacement so i can use my mouse, and i can drop my 360 controller and get back to mouse + keyboard.

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Christopher2712d ago

Pathfinding is perfectly fine as is, IMHO. The game is about giving you a world and letting you explore, not giving you a direct path (a la GPS) to your destination. Exploration is one of the most important elements to RPGs. And, once you find a location, you can just fast travel to it.

So, this isn't broken, IMHO. If you want GPS, play a modern game where GPS makes sense. The spell in the game is as close as you should come to it in a fantasy setting.

Tony P2712d ago

A little overblown.

No one's asking for GPS, just a map you can actually read like in every other Elder Scrolls game.

jthamind2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

i have to disagree with them saying the combat is fixed. is the combat better than Oblivion's? sure, by leaps and bounds. but i don't, however, think it's fixed. i think it could be a lot better, because it's still floaty as far as hit detection and button-mashy as far as striking with your weapon.

also, Sneak is ridiculous in how you can basically stand in front of somebody in a well lit room and not be detected. i would like to have seen a Sneak system similar to Splinter Cell: Conviction, where there are well defined shadows, and you have to stay in them and move when an enemy isn't looking in order to sneak. it really is a bit less immersive when you can walk in front of somebody's face from two feet away just because your Sneak is leveled high and the area you're standing in is SLIGHTLY less dark.

Christopher2712d ago

That's the thing, the game isn't supposed to have a more complex combat or stealth system. The way it works is the way it's intended to work. If people want more challenging combat or stealth, there are games out there that already provide those. This is more about the open world and what you can do in it, not about how much skill it takes to take down opponents.

jthamind2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

you're completely right, and i'm not disagreeing with that. i'm not saying Skyrim should be like Dark Souls or something as far as difficulty; what i'm talking about is immersion. when i'm sneaking, i don't feel like an assassin or a thief as much, because the game acts like enemies are blind when you sneak past them, and if you alert them and run away, they contract amnesia and say stuff like, "must have been my imagination," even if you hit them with an arrow or sword! stuff like that just takes me out of the moment and makes me go, "really?"

also, when you're fighting with a melee weapon, the floatiness of strikes doesn't get you into the feel of combat as much, because you don't feel like you're actually hitting something. yes, the addition of finishing moves helps a lot in that regard, because you can feel the plunge of your weapon through an enemy, you can feel it when you slit their throat from behind (even though the animations can be very dubious at times). but overall, when i swing a weapon, i feel like i'm hitting an image, not an actual physical being.

i just want them to make the combat feel more real, like i'm really fighting something, and make the sneaking a little less....well, goofy. lol. regardless of the difficulty, i just want them to feel more intuitive, physical, and immersive. :)

kwyjibo2712d ago

Yeah, they could have done better with stealth. Stealth in Morrowind and Oblivion were so ridiculous (especially at high levels), thought they would have invested a bit more in it this time.

The UI could do with a lot of work on the PC version - it looks fancy, but could be a lot more accessible. With the keyboard and mouse, you can access the entire screen at once, so they really should have utilised that screen real estate - mods will surely come out though.

I think the voice acting and animation are significantly better than the previous games. So far, on the whole though, Skyrim has been an absolute joy.

Too_many_games2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

The Level Up system is the same damn thing as Oblivion except you do not have to sleep to level up and they have a stupid "perk" system

BraveToaster2712d ago

They didn't fix how rain and now snow goes through shelter. That happened in Morrowind too. They somehow managed to make the UI worse from Oblivion.