Three New PS3 TV Spots + Short Film

"The Making of the PS3 TV Commercial" (short film), "Evolving Entertainment", "Golden Glitter", and "Processing Power".

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ruibing3976d ago

The second one seemed ok, but I concur these commercials are too long, too confusing, and just doesn't get to the point well enough. I hope Sony cancels their advertisement contract with this place.

actas1233976d ago

Yep these commercials really suck...

gamesblow3976d ago

They're awesome, if you ask me. Do they make me want a Ps3? Not really... I already own one, but that's beside the point. What they make me wanna do is watch David Lynch and back to back it with some H.G. Lewis and maybe even some Lucio Fulci. The adverts just have an eerie, odd, ominous, creepy... unsettling... unique appeal to them.

LinuxGuru3976d ago

These stupid, boring commercials are not to the point, they don't sell a product, and they don't work.

Sony needs to stick to more commercials like the "Universe of Entertainment"; being probably the most badass commercial I have ever seen.

KidMakeshift3976d ago (Edited 3976d ago )

Even though I like the European PS3 commercials, I believe a lot of people think these commercials are promoting a Cirque De Soleil show rather than a next-gen entertainment console

solidt123976d ago

Exactly. That stuff does not translate well in the US. Keep that $hit in Europe. Its neat but not for American TV.

KidMakeshift3976d ago (Edited 3976d ago )

I wouldn't call it sh*t, if not, a little pretentious. The European commercials are trying to represent the PS3 as something more (elegant, classy, a showcase for imagination) than just a gaming console, and are trying to appeal to a different demographic.

Also, I lived in Europe for a brief time and their advertising is quite strange compared to ours. I don't know how they would react to the American PS3 commercials.

Does anyone remember the weird PS1 commercials for America? The Chris Cunningham (director of the Aphex Twin videos) commercial "Mental Wealth" was very similar to the first "Play Beyond" PS3 commercials (empty white room with fluorescent lighting). His commercial starred a creepy girl who looked like Chun Lee from Street Fighter, but her face was altered. David Lynch, along with some other odd directors, made PS1 commercials as well.

fopums3976d ago

those will not move consoles in the states, I personaly didnt care for them, their current ad campaign was great, why change it?

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The story is too old to be commented.