You silly MW3 hating Bastards

GS: "We have a full house on this show, giving us five people for the first time in a long while. Be sure to welcome Jay to the show and listen to his podcast when you get a chance.

This show focuses on all the games that dropped in the past couple of weeks. So we don’t do much with topics, but we do argue more than usual. So that’s something."


-Assassin’s Creed Revelations impressions.
-Why Matt hates Skyrim and therefore gaming.
-Modern Warfare 3 sold more than cocaine….it still sucks, apparently.
-Jay breaks down some fighting games.
- Do you fight with the D-Pad or stick?
-Saints Row 3 impressions.
-Need for Speed: The Run is amazing. (Not really)

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Trainz2709d ago

I've just been called a bastard on n4g!

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JonahNL2709d ago

I like MW3, despite its 2146129485124 flaws.

There, I said it.

Hicken2709d ago

I can respect you for AT LEAST admitting the game has flaws, something the majority of CoD lovers refuse to even acknowledge. Your opinion, simply because of that, becomes more valid.

JonahNL2709d ago

Well, first off, I'm not even a huge fan of Call of Duty. I also play Battlefield, Counter-Strike and pretty much everything else.

The reason I like MW3 is quite simple. It can be a lot of fun with friends and that's something I had a hard time saying about previous CoD's.

That, and being able to play the game in ESL, which I always enjoy.

Hicken2709d ago

That's perfectly fine by me.

The problem- on N4G, at least- is that you can only either be a fan of CoD, or a fan of BF. Those are the only two options. People who enjoy both but aren't BIG fans of either- like yourself- or who were fans of one and are now fans of the other- like myself- are liars and fanboys.

I enjoy CoD when I play it, but that enjoyment is exclusively the same reason as yours: because I'm playing with friends. That's not a bad thing, but there are dozens of games that do that and more (for me).

There is also the oft-debated change in the games, or lack thereof. For many people, there simply isn't enough change from one entry to the next to justify paying full price for the game.

The worst part, though, is that the more vocal of the fans do nothing but deride you if you bring up ANYTHING negative about the franchise. That they tend not to listen to reason turns whatever reasonable comments or complaints you might have into hate. And then you more or less play right into their hands.

I don't fundamentally hate CoD, but I DO hate entirely too many of the things the franchise gets away with.

GraveLord2708d ago

All games have flaws.
FACT, no one has ever said Modern Warfare 3 is perfect.

Main_Street_Saint2709d ago

You know in spite of owning both the first and second modern warfare games, I have no real opinion of the game as I have not played it yet (will once a few years pass and it goes down in price).

brish2709d ago

"Modern Warfare 3 sold more than cocaine….it still sucks, apparently."

McDonald's is the number one restaurant in the world but that doesn't mean they have the best food.

Fords are more popular than Porsche that doesn't mean Fords are better vehicles.

Your confusing the notion of quantity with quality.

RioKing2709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

Do Fords cost as much as Ferraris? Or does McDonalds cost as much as Red Lobster?

Last time I checked, MW3 cost the same price as 99% as most other games that are new. People didn't buy it because it's the cheaper alternative, unlike your BS example.

So I think you're alittle confused with your logic...

vickers5002709d ago

He's referring to the quality of the product, not the price. He must have assumed that even the dumbest of commenters on this site would have understood that, but I guess he's never come across someone like you.

"Just because it's popular doesn't mean it isn't quality"

Hmm, I didn't see anything in his comment that said "if it's popular, then it isn't quality". He simply stated that just because something is popular, doesn't mean it's quality. He never stated anywhere in his comment that anything that was popular was crap.

I can't say I'm surprised at your comment though, this site is full of people who reply to comments without fully reading them.

ZippyZapper2709d ago

vickers500 think about it again

Ferrari $200,000
Ford $20,000

BF3 $60
MW3 $60

By your logic of "quality" then BF3 should cost $10,000.

"even the dumbest of commenters" You were saying?

RioKing2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

Oh "VICKERS500" - You think you are so smart, don't you? It's comments like yours that have me believing that N4G is just 99% idiots. It's ok though, people like ZippyZapper remind me that not all hope for N4G humanity is lost....

It's HILARIOUS that you have the balls the write something like "this site is full of people who reply to comments without fully reading them". Allow me to explain...

Brish's comments' logic is off because he compared MW3's sales to the overused "Ford vs Ferrari" argument that the anti-cod sheep like to "Baah" out of their mouths.

Why is it off, you say? Because, waay more people buy Fords because they are 10x CHEAPER than Ferrari's, more people eat at McDonalds because the food is relatively CHEAP compared to any nice restaurant.

BUT, if a Ford was the same price as a Ferrari...would anyone still buy the Ford? NO, they would pay for the quality. That, my friend, is why Brish's logic is confused. His "quality over quantity" ending makes no sense in this place because MW3 costs exactly what every other new game costs, so people didn't go out and buy it because it's the cheaper alternative...unlike his "CHEAPER quantity over quality" example....rendering it useless.

You still tracking? Probably not. There's plenty of idiots on here that won't be able to comprehend that, and I accept that. My comment won't make sense to their brains, and the disagrees will fly.

mendicant2709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )


That has alwayws been a weak argument.

Just because it's popular doesn't mean it isn't quality. HIstory is full of examples contrary to your comment.

manitobawpg2709d ago

I like MW3.

Just not the multiplayer

Titanz2709d ago

That's the equivalent of enjoying Kentucky fried chicken, without the skin!

You enjoy tasteless chicken? O_o

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