Confirmed: GameSpot's Gerstmann Fired

Rumors have been swirling today that Jeff Gerstmann, executive editor at CNET-owned major video game site GameSpot, was fired after giving a generally unimpressed review of Io Interactive's Kane & Lynch: Dead Men. Gerstmann awarded the game a 6.0. (Though Shacknews does not score its reviews, our own Kane & Lynch review was similar in its verdict.)

Shacknews can confidently confirm via its own sources that Gerstmann was indeed fired yesterday from his position at GameSpot.

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HeartlesskizZ4997d ago (Edited 4996d ago )

that should teach him a lesson and learn to be professional and neutral about reviews not personal

He was also complaining about the use of the F word to much in the game.
I think he is looking at Jack T. as an Idol.

jackdoe4997d ago

How? He was being neutral and did not score the game higher than it deserved. The rumor is that he was fired because he did not score the game high, as per Eidos's supposed wishes.

unlimited4997d ago (Edited 4997d ago )

I dont trust his reviews or anyone working at gamespot. Its clear they are getting paid from people to review their games high or give out money to review other games low..I question all the reviews of all the games they done.. Sorry but gamespot have to go now..No one will care about them anymore..

felman874997d ago

he was fired for not being biased towards it

mikeslemonade4997d ago (Edited 4997d ago )

This was probably about the Assasin's Creed review because his score was higher than most. It's obvious he's accepting gifts from developers and rewarding them with higher scores. All reviewers receive gifts and it's just the matter of accepting them or not. I'm looking at you Microsoft for!

I will miss Jeff for his awesome podcast host position because he's really funny and better at hosting in my opinion than Garnett Lee. I won't miss his bias reviews though. Dan Shu you're next to go!

tmug4997d ago (Edited 4997d ago )

Jeff did not review AC, it was Kevin VanOrd. It's curious because AC also had the same ad-skinning on gamespot, which clearly affected the all-too-flattering review. Guess Jeff didn't want to play ball and give a mediocore game a good score. Good for him. I'll be getting my game-info from somewhere else from now on, gamespot lost the last remaining shreds of credibility with Jeff.

gaffyh4996d ago

Jeff Gerstmann was the least biased person in GameSpot. He was standing up for his review score, to a game that isn't very good 6.0 is more than enough. I can't believe they fired him, there's no point ever going to Gamespot anymore, he was the only good unbiased reviewer.

Gamespot-equals-EGM4996d ago (Edited 4996d ago )

On 2nd thought, I'm glad Jeff got fired. GS needed to change IMO.

Gamespot's video reviews are/were by far the most unprofessional out of the major gaming websites (compared to IGN and Gametrailers).

CNET fired Jeff because of the unprofessional tone of his reviews (he actually drops the f-bomb during his Kane and Lynch review). Hopefully this will make GS's reviews (video reviews specifically) better and more mature.

Seriously, no real professional drops the f-bomb during a video.

Wii60_FTW4996d ago

if the game sucks then it deserves to be called out. he shouldn't have been fired just for that.

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skyline20034997d ago

To me that just adds more fuel to the fire about reviewers being paid to score a game higher. That game got similar scores across the board. Apparently its not a very good game.

If it got 6's everywhere else and a 9 on gamespot where there are HUGE ads everywhere for the game, it would kinda make you go HMMMMM..

brianpk804996d ago

I was really suspicious by all of the overly high Final Fantasy XII reviews. I love the series, but that that game felt really incomplete and rushed. I'm not even talking about the real time battle thing, which I actually liked. Many fans were disappointed with the story and characters, which is what the series was formerly known for. I think privately, it's regarded as a major let down while all of the public reviews are glowing. Very, very shady.

MK_Red4997d ago

GameSpot shouldn't have let Gregg Kasavin go. GS become a worse and worse after his departure and this is the final blow to their crediblity. A staff member being fired (And the suspected reason is even worse... fired by request of game company).

Charlie26884997d ago

I can bet you my Bionic Implants (quote from Zero Punctuation :P) that they will damage control on this tomorrow saying he had to leave to do "other stuff" or for "personal reasons"...which makes me question about the TRUE nature of Richards departure since he left for "personal motives" and was VERY unexpected >.>

But since GS decided to mix HEAVY business with the site all their original spirit seems to have mixed with corporate BS, and each time more and more of GS is turning into a business than a gaming site

TheIneffableBob4997d ago

Greg left at his own will to pursue a career of developing videogames as that has always been his dream. GameSpot couldn't have forced him to stay.

MK_Red4997d ago

I know. Been following that story. I'm not saying GS fired him. Just stating that problems started after his departure.

Shaka2K64997d ago

Even when they get hot news like this ones, im glad they are doing bad and i hope they all die, still i havent been to that site in years probably joke site i hope 1up is next..

unlimited4997d ago

1up will take gamespot as a lesson if they get caught slipping..a lot of xboxfanboy working there..

BloodySinner4996d ago (Edited 4996d ago )

Wishing death now, are we? Has your love for the Sony brand driven you mad? I think it's time your bubble went down.

Charlie26884997d ago

Makes me wonder about the integrity of other reviews from the site that had HUGE add campaigns...mmm (hell if not ALL of the hyped games there >.>)

I think its all pretty obvious, all the publishers that pay CNET to have their adds on GS (the number one Gaming site according to that article posted here on N4G) in such brutal quantity (and probably its pretty expensive) are obviously excepting something nice in return (for their "investment")...whil e some apparently don't mind receiving an average review it makes you wonder which others might have pressured someone to boost a score >.>

jackdoe4997d ago

Shame. There was something about IGN a while back as well about Prey. The former editor of the 360 channel wanted the reviewer to score the game higher because the publisher wouldn't give IGN exclusive review rights if they didn;t.

MK_Red4997d ago

True. This makes me question all their reviews because they had similair ad campaigns for other games before (But hey, I believe they lost crediblity after ranking WarioWare Wii higher than Zelda Wii, Giving 7.5 to Ratchet PS3 and other things).