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The Case for Game Reviewers

There's a lot more to this job than just playing video games. One of our concerns should NOT be whether or not advertisers are going to pull their service based on a sub-par review of their product.

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felman873974d ago

The original link goes to something else I was working on at the time. The alternate link goes to the site which is

littletad3974d ago

It hurts not only the gaming industry, but the overall culture of gaming. Aren't reviewers granted their opinion? Something like this shows that the only thing that matters is what pays bills. It hurts the professionalism of game journalist and now gamers are left to question whether or not scores aren't "slightly" rigged to make not only potential buyers happy, but publishers as well. I fear now that the only thing we can count on is reader reviews. Like I said... a nightmare.

goldenxbox3974d ago

There is a fine line to cross out there I am seeing, and what a fine line it is!!!

When I looked at the content of Jeff Gerstmann's review I was again shocked!!

He insulted the story, the characters, repeatedly called it ugly and boring, and did not bring up anything about the flaws of the game until 3/4 through when he said the A.I. is really bad!!!!

It made it sound like he was literally tearing the game apart, because the competition had paid him off!!

In my opinion, he sounded the exact same way with the Assassins Creed review. Giving it glowing praise and saying it was one of the best ever, even though everybody knew it deserved only an 8.

Once again making it very clear, he was taking a payoff!!

And its not just Gamespot, it is 1up as well!!!

I looked at the Ratchet & Clank reviews and found the most unprofessional thing I've ever seen!!!

Ratchet & Clank is a fun game, worthy of a 9.0 period!

I don't care what anyone says!! And Gears, Halo or Bioshock all deserve about 9.2 not a 10 anywhere!

Do not tell me a game like Tony Hawk deserves to receive a 10, the glowing Gerstmann reviews are all because Activision paid up the cash for the deal!!

The bottom line here is great games got trashed!

Mass Effect deserved a 9 despite technical glitches, and the review should have explained the glitches. Instead of an 8!

Uncharted didn't deserve an 8 either, and the technical issues should have been explained in the review!!

But worst of all, Jeff Gerstmann is no hero!! He hired Aaron Thomas and these other reviewers, who are so unprofessional its scary!

They all take money for reviews and mainly play sports games, that should tell you everything you need to know!!!!

I am telling you right now, you can not trust the reviews on those sites!

Not on 1 up and not on Gamespot!

What you learn from all of this, is the review system needs to be overhauled in a major way!

And to delete certain sites from your bookmarks, because they do not give out good reviews anywhere!

Either someone goes ballistic on the game and is too harsh, giving in to the competition's bribery or they give it a glowing review which makes no sense - giving right into the publisher's own bribery.

The review system is rigged gamers!!! Its no cider and applesauce!!

goldenxbox3974d ago

Serious gamers should start a petition drive to delete Gamespot from the Metacritic systems!!!

It should no longer be there, period!

The only way things eventually change and get going, is when you make it happen and get some of these sites with no credibility left deleted from metacritic or gameranking once and for all!

littletad3974d ago

Remember Zelda: Ocarina of Time was reviewed by only 32 sources. 32... So of course no other game is ever going to top that. In reality Super Mario Galaxy and other games, have succeeded that game. But because of the abundance of reviews, it makes it almost impossible. And now with publishers hot on the tails of gaming sites for "unacceptable" reviews, this makes the whole system flawed.

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