Open Yer Wallets, Import PS3 Priced

Don't live in America or Japan? Want a PLAYSTATION 3? This post is for you. Gadget exporter Audio Cubes has opened the flood gates on pre-order for the 20GB Sony PS3. The unit will set customers back a cool US $699, which is at a $70 premium when compared to the European pricing for the same model. The site does not yet have pricing on the bells and whistles 60GB console

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bernie5858d ago

It's just too much cash for a games console (and not being able to play HD DVD's doesn't help it's cause).

TheMART5858d ago

And this expensive one will still not be delivered before the end of March, because 500k units are reserved probably already. Even people that took a pre-order will cry hard this Christmas.

For real. No use. If you want gaming this Christmas for a fair price there are other options

andy capps5858d ago

No one in the US is taking pre-orders yet (that I have heard of anyway). If you or anyone else knows of a store or website in the US taking pre-orders, let me know. I've asked several people at the local games stores, no one is doing them yet, if at all. The local Game Crazy girl said that Sony is trying not to let any stores accept pre-orders. I was trying not to laugh when she said this because I could tell by the way she said it that she didn't like Sony, but who knows, it may be true. I guess it would keep the retailers from taking too many pre-orders, like what happened with the Xbox 360. I still think that there will be pre-orders though, every console that I can remember has had them.

Boink5858d ago

I wonder which brand of rubber gloves they use when taking the money?


THAMMER15858d ago

The only people I know who are going to brave the lines are my I hate Xbox and will never buy one friends. Every one else has bought a 360 since the price announcement.

Genki5857d ago

That's an unfair generalization. Some people want one for the simple fact that they feel the games, hardware, and features are a better alternative to other consoles.

Not everybody is scared away by a high price, some people just want the gaming experience regardless of the high price, it's all relative to whether or not they think it's worth the experience, not because they hate another system. There are some gamers that don't hate any of the consoles.

Gh0stDrag0n5858d ago

I bet I'll get more for my PS3's on E-BAY!(Hopefully I can get at least 2 of the 4) I'm willing to ship to Europe!

TheMART5858d ago

If you even get one before spring 2007. Don't cheer to early even not if you pre-ordered man

andy capps5858d ago

Lame. It's people like you that cause shortages. Thanks a lot.

TheMART5858d ago

That's trading man, you can't say it's lame. That's the way the whole world works.

One can wait till they are in the shops enough, just have to wait a few months.

If one wants to have it on day one and burn money, be me guest but it's never smart

andy capps5858d ago

My goal is to get one at launch, however, the only way that I'll be getting one at launch is if I can find one at a wholesale store like Costco or Sam's Club, or can get one online. Both of these I'm wanting to find one that I don't have to buy a bunch of games and accessories that I don't want, so I don't know what my chances are. If I could find a bundle with an extra wireless controller and that has a game or two that I'm actually wanting, that would be ok. Regardless, I'm going to be getting an extended warranty. Having my Xbox malfunction the first time I turned it on and all the hassles with that made me realize that I needed to start getting those on electronic equipment. It wasn't necessarily MS's fault that it didn't work, it was Gamestop's since I bought it used and they apparently never tested it to find that there was a disc read error with any disc. I'll be getting an extended warranty on the HDTV my wife and I are getting in a few months as well.

Gh0stDrag0n5857d ago

There will already be a shortage, I will have nothing to do with it. I actually will provide a service to people that can't get a PS3. They will pay out the nose for it but I am honest and will ship them a unopened genuine PS3 and not try to rip them off by selling a picture of the product or a PS3 box. I have the funds to buy 4 or 5 PS3s at launch and with a baby on the way who can blame me for trying to get a modest return on my investment?

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