Batman: Arkham City Review (Crush Frag Destroy)

CFD! returns from a long hiatus with Rob Rich's take on the newest Batman game from Rocksteady:

"It seems that no one can talk about Batman: Arkham City without referencing the absolutely stellar Arkham Asylum, and I’m apparently no exception. If, back in 2009, someone had told me that a new Batman game would end up being not just a fantastic super-hero game but one that would earn a top-spot on many a Game of the Year list, I’d have considered them nuttier than most of the Dark Knight’s foes. But that’s exactly what happened, and Rocksteady became a legend practically overnight because of it. But they then found themselves faced with the kind of daunting scenario that most successful developers end up in: create a sequel that’s even better than the original which garnered a ridiculous amount of critical praise and success. Fail in any way, even by making something that’s “just as good,” and they would most likely be shunned by the fickle community that embraced their earlier title so lovingly. Succeed, and they’d no doubt end up in a similar situation a third time. No pressure."

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SybaRat2710d ago

But do the words "POW" and "BIFF!" appear when you clock some thug?

ShadowPraxis2710d ago

If they made a DLC add-on to do that, along with an Adam West Batman skin... I think Rocksteady could just take ALL of my money.

thedarkvault2710d ago

Just an Adam West skin isn't enough, we need a DLC that replaces all of Batman's dialogue with Adam West's voice and mannerisms.

Hassassin2710d ago

MOD community plz make this real

PhantomTommy2710d ago

They do in my copy of the game :(

Trainz2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

Is there anything else to do in this game besides collect sh*t?
Compared to infamous how open is the world?

antz11042709d ago

You mean besides the main campaign and side missions? Besides all the predator and combat maps? No man, theres nothing in this game to do :/

ssb31732708d ago

great game that is worthy of this score, nice