Minecraft Coming To The Xbox 360, Something To Be Excited About?

Over 16,759,420 people have become cave explorers in the world of Minecraft, with over 4 million actually purchasing the game. To celebrate the game coming to Xbox 360, the guys at Hat Films have released a humorous trailer for the console port. Visually unimpressive but as stats show, the game is addictive to a large number of online users.

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Jpinter3543d ago

Infinite maps created by the ever growing Minecraft population.

NukaCola3542d ago

MINECRAFT is an ever growing beta (as of now). How will it work on 360? I think the Kinect feature is cool, but where do we go after you put blocks down? Will we get intergrated Kinect features like voice or motion movement? Will the game update like the PC version does? How much is this like the PC version or is it like the iPAD version? Just really curious.

evilunklebud3543d ago

It is better than "not coming" to the 360... though I probably will not play it much.

MaxMurdoch3542d ago

minecraft... yawn. Any 360 players here actually excited for it ?