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Nave360's Charlie writes:

"Telltale are sort of like Valve (in a way) as they can’t seem to release their games on time. This was the case with Jurassic Park, where people on Steam had to wait a further 7 hours extra on the day of this games release. But at least this game was only delayed a few hours and not a few weeks. Jurassic Park: The Game is set out across four episodes all bunched together as one game package, whereas Back to the Future: The Game (also done by Telltale) was five episodes spread out across almost a year. From the entire game itself, I think it was a good choice that Telltale released all the episodes together in one complete package, because I don’t think the game would have held out if they were released separately across the months."

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ForROME2709d ago

What a waste of a game = QuickTime events do not make a video game fun; interactive movie is more like it

I want a good Jurassic Park "Video Game"

Kran2709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

So you wanted a game more like Dino Crisis? Hmmm... fair enough :)

Kinda wish they'd HD upgrade Dino Crisis :( But its a PS1 game and I dont think theyd do that no more. Maybe it's on the PSN store o.O

Ares84HU2709d ago

Me too!!!

The last Jurassic Park game I played and loved was the one on the PS1. The Lost World. It was my very first PS1 game and I loved Jurassic Park as a kid and it was a perfect game for me at the time. I still play it till this day from time to time.

SilentNegotiator2709d ago

Oh really? Well I think it's the best game ever made.

Telltale employee

(If you didn't know, Telltale employees were caught manipulating the metacritic user score)

brish2709d ago

God of War III

My jaw still drops when I see that. Kratos is going against a god that is using water and rock to create a horse like creature to attack a Titan and him. Kratos rips off it's jaw. Tears off one of it's claws. Rips opens it's chest and rams the claw into it's heart. God of War III is one of the funnest games I have ever played and it uses QTEs.

I also enjoyed Heavy Rain. It plays out like a movie that changes based on what I do. Most games really have no consequences. If you die you restart before the death and try again. In Heavy Rain if you die that character is dead and the story continues on without them. There is a part in the game were you have to choose to kill a person or let them go. In most video games the npcs have no real character and I don't feel bad about shooting them. In Heavy Rain the guy begs for his life and shows you pictures of his children to try to convince you not to shoot him. I couldn't do it. Heavy Rain doesn't work like most games and that's a good thing.

Do we really need every game to be a clone of COD?!

I've played games with QTEs and I like them.

If Jurassic Park The Game plays like Heavy Rain then does that mean I can feed all the characters to the dinosaurs? Personally I think it's about time the dinosaurs won!

Kran2709d ago

So you want Dinos to take over our planet, killing billions of people?

Wow. You have a rough imagination :P

brish2709d ago


There is a big difference between a game and real life. I don't want actual people to get killed but in a game I think it would be interesting to let the dinosaurs win.

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