GTA IV Final Box Art Images (Still Images)

Rockstar has released still shots of the box art for the upcoming title - GTA IV. We got a glimpse of the box art yesterday without logos in the new video released to promote the game. Now we have the images with official logo placement.

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umm ok boxart.................just gonna throw something out bout some gameplay or effing new info rockstar like what the eff i almost forgot about this game with all the great releases right now

N4M3L3553979d ago

Do we really need to see the cover art with the PS3 and X360 brand on it? I'm pretty sure almost every X360 & PS3 game will follow the same box format. That being said, how did this get approved?

Young Capwn3979d ago

I like PS3 boxing better.

This does look fun, but i still rather have Saints row 2...

Savior X3979d ago

They're pretty much the same!

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The story is too old to be commented.