Metacritic vs. Modern Warfare 3: The Psychology of Fanboys

Many Metacritic users fail to rate games what they think they should be rated; they just want to have the maximum effect on the average rating. If a member sees a user score higher than they personally think it should be they'll give the game a zero so their score has a larger impact on lowering the rating.

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RaidensRising2706d ago

But this story in itself is adding more credence to Metacritic user reviews. Whereas the reality is, who frigging cares about the user reviews there other than journalists looking for article material.

Aloren2706d ago

I'd say the thousands of fanboys who waste their time to go there to crash the user score are the ones who care the most. And then "normal" people" also pay attention to other "normal people" reviews.

brish2706d ago

"who frigging cares about the user reviews"

Umm, the users!

GraveLord2706d ago

Metacritic should care that their user reviews section is extremely unreliable. 90% of those reviewers didn't even buy the game.

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HappyWithOneBubble2706d ago

The game sold 10m+ and will pass 20m+ so who care about some stupid bad scores. COD is loved by millions and is #1 online game. That's why review sites give it good scores to keep the fans happy. I think the game deserves low scores for being the same recycled crap every year but that's just my opinion.

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