GamerGaia - Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand DLC Preview

Battlefield 3’s first DLC package arrives next month and considering it comes free with the limited edition, it's safe to say that most people will be receiving the additional content. If you’re wondering just what the Back to Karkand DLC will be bringing to BF3, then wonder no more as GamerGaia’s got you covered. Read on for a preview of what to expect from the nostalgic add-on pack.

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CloseSecond2710d ago

Its rubbish how you can't even trial multiplayer before opting to buy a pass. A friend of mine has lent me his copy of the game and no way I'm buying before trying so counts me out of getting any DLC as well.

To be honest the single player campaign has been pretty throw away so far and does not inspire me to get into the multiplayer at all. The damn game is so linear it feels like every level is on rails.

Hufandpuf2710d ago

I dont think you've been listening to the reviews or anyone else that had played the game. SP is ok. MP is amazing.

cr33ping_death2710d ago

seriously.... where has this guy been hiding. i been playing nothing but mp, and just barely started the sp yesterday. cant wait for back to karkand

CloseSecond2710d ago

I really don't give a damn how good review scores are. I like to make up my own mind thanks. Its $20 for an online pass in NZ and I want to try before I buy.

Hufandpuf2710d ago

Damn, $20. That's a bit much. I think you're right on this one. But be assured, the multiplayer is great.

cr33ping_death2710d ago

well looks like you either go to your friends home and try it or you dont... simple as that. dont bring your minor inconveniences online thanks.

dantesparda2709d ago

If anybody wants to hook it up with a Back to Karkand code, PM me

Cosmit2708d ago

Here you go


This ones a very special code that gives access to Battlefield 4 Back to Caspian map pack as well!

dantesparda2708d ago

lol, a-hole, it dont hurt to try

benighted death2710d ago

The BF3 MP is the best for FPS on console by far !!

cr33ping_death2710d ago

yes it is... very addicting :). nice name.