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A little over a year had passed between the release of Origins and Dragon Age II but quite a bit has changed, mostly for the better, but along with the upgrade came some new issues that were not present in the original. It will be hard not to compare this game directly to Origins as it directly set the foundation that lays under most of the sequel and the events that occurred in the first are also reflected in this, but I will keep it as limited as possible.

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Trainz2713d ago

The demo was horrible, the characters were cliche and unlike-able, the gameplay was crap and I hated the voice acting so I wouldn't play this game if I were paid too.

Aloren2713d ago

Most of the characters were ok and some were great, esp their evolution. It's one of the few games that does friendship and rivalry right. The combat system was also maybe better than in Origins. The big problem of DA2 was recycled areas.

It's not a 9 like origins, it's not a perfect game in any way, but it's still a good game. It deserves an 8. 7 at worse.

Many of the critics were just hypocritical, like the whole "button mash" BS. It took a grand total of 2 secs to check that autoattack was activated in the game options...or people who didn't even play until the character creation screen and who said that it was too easy (duh...this is just like playing darksiders for 2 mins and come to the conclusion that War is OP).

(and yeah, I finished both Origins and DA2 as well as The witcher 2)

pctrollv42713d ago

lmao now that skyrim and witcher 2 have come out, DA2 is the biggest piece of crap ever made. A kiddy RPG for 15 year olds with big boobs and asses and those who like to button mash.