6.5 ~ Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland | Review (PS3)

Atelier Totori is one of those games that is well aware of the fact that it appeals to a certain niche of gamers, and wastes no resources to try and broaden that appeal.

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TrendyGamers3396d ago

Been meaning to check this one out.

rataranian3396d ago

It's a refined version of Rorona. Go play that one before this one to see if you like it or not.

Sidology3396d ago

I think you're confusing a "severe lack of focus" for an RPG that gives you basically an unlimited amount of freedom within a the constraints of a time limit (lol oddity).

You're welcome to do whatever you want in the game, to play however you like.

RoboSpiff3396d ago

i long for another great JRPG

tiffac0083396d ago

I think Ni No Kuni is our best bet for that. (since Bamco hasn't yet announced the localization of Xillia)

Still I enjoyed the silliness of the Atelier series~ XD

RoboSpiff3395d ago

I cannot wait for that game!