Skyrim's Most Crucial Flaws

Carl B. of writes, "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will no doubt receive praise here on RoboAwesome, and it certainly should. It’s by far the greatest Western RPG of all time, beating out previous Elder Scrolls titles along with Jade Empire and Mass Effect 2. With over 20 hours on the game, I can’t help but notice some crucial flaws with the game — things that aren’t nit-picky. These flaws break immersion and make the game frustrating and hard to play."

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DonaldBeck2615d ago

glitches/freezes,texture loading, ect. still a great gane.

ArabianKnight012615d ago

I have not come across any issues yet, but if I had to gripe about anything it might be that you can practically max out skills/perks very early on in the game, I feel that with such a large world that it should take much more exploring b4 maxing out a single skill/perk, I like exploring for the sake of leveling not just to explore. I have enchanting maxed and smithing maxed so ive created dragon bone armor head to toe w/ enchantments that allow for zero consumption to magicka. Free magic ftw!

Foxton012614d ago

Raise the difficulty? On Master you WILL spend that mana, since you have to use wards and heals a lot more + more expensive attacks.

ArabianKnight012614d ago

Thanx for the advice, but yea I have it on Master I have my 360 setup to automatically set games to the hardest difficulty, and I always check game settings for good measure... I have not found master magicka yet but I am using expert magicka at zero consumption, as far as wards, bone armor with heavy armor perk (armor rating at 400 plus atm) almost maxed out w/ the use of slow time dragon shout plus a close wounds heal (which I rarely have to use them btw) keeps me worry free of dying. Stronger magicka should not be available unless you explore the depth of the game and get your ass handed to you many times in the process. If I travel of the beaten path and I struggle to get to the end of a cave or dungeon when I finally get there I find a crazy destruction spell for example it would make me feel accomplished (sorta like shouts)make me work for my levels/perks not buy it for a few gold, or make good magicka expensive so I will have to explore every cave and area to get enough lute to buy the magicka spells I want, as it stands I feel overpowered and the need to explore is minimal. I want a diablo stye level systems where its crucial to explore the whole world and still cant max out until a second play though at least.

jrbeerman112614d ago

you can grind enchanting and smithing very early to 100 to make the game much easier, solution to leveling early would to focus on other trees than those two, or to pick one of the two.

destruction magic, blocking, armor, sneak, archery, one hand, two hand, take longer to level, especially after 50 or so points.

jrbeerman112614d ago

if you want to find rewards for caves a and missions, a pure mage kind of loses out on that, so i agree with you there, but any character that uses archery, or swords, or even barehanded will get those rewards in many dungeons.

keep in mind that loot is also scaled to your level, so better items in higher levels.

although maxing smithing and enchanting will ruin that as well as you can make the best equipment for yourself.

my pure mage i used zero smithing and dabbled in enchanting, and when I finally finished the mages college i got some seriously crazy mage equipment that gave me that reward for finishing.

if I had made equipment to make destruction magic free, that equipment would have been useless.

wish smithing and enchantment wasnt so OP or even close to game breaking. but I can always choose to not use it.

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Shepherd 2142615d ago

for a guy like me who has constant navigation problems like getting off the interstate at the wrong exit ive never had problems with finding my way using skyrim's map.

but im sure that just enough people will complain so that bethesda axes a cool idea like a 3d map in the next game. thats the way it works with every game series.

ZBlacktt2615d ago

This is not happening for every one though. I'm at 25 hours and loving every minute.

Rage_S902614d ago

I disagree playing the same mission 50x in a row isn't fun.

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Moduserous2615d ago

I have an arrow that's been stuck in me forever....

FuseUnison2615d ago

I played for an hour and a half with an arrow sticking out of my head. Then I realized that there was a single steel arrow in my inventory. After I dropped it, the arrow was gone. Have you checked that? I felt silly when I found it in my game. Just throwing it out there. =)

MagicAccent2615d ago (Edited 2615d ago )

I had that bug too, but found a way to get rid of it:

Get shot again, it will disappear along with the new arrows.

sonicsidewinder2615d ago (Edited 2615d ago )

Yeah, happened to me too. Was getting on my case.

(If you're on PC)

You gotta hit '`' (this being the key next to the '1' key for me) to open the console.

Operate a sex change to your character, which will remove the arrow(s). But, you will be the opposite sex, so do change sex again. Then you'll be back to normal, with no arrows in your ass.

Note that activating the console disables achievements for some dumb reason. Re-set the game and you'll be able to get them again ;)

Rainstorm812614d ago

I had the same problem and i just stored all my arrows in a dead body and it disappeared, I had a arrow sticking out of my head for like 5-6 hours of gameplay

KaBaW2614d ago (Edited 2614d ago )

lol, I got hit by an ice spike from a vampire that's been stuck in me for some time.
Which is annoying to look at my dude, with a huge ass spike sticking through em.
Not to mention the big ass spike, but a radiating 'frost' around it, as well.. >.<

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RedDead2615d ago (Edited 2615d ago )

Level's noticable again

New vegas fixed this...Skyrim should of nicked it

Desert Turtle2615d ago

Levels scale for dragons, but not for all enemies. I owned a dragon and then was mauled by a sabre cat shortly after...

Rainstorm812614d ago

same here , killed like 10 dragins including a blood dragon then seconds later get killed by a bear...its kinda crazy

Hovis2614d ago

Bears and Saber tooth Cats are by far the scariest thing in that game.

They sneak up on you all stealthy then BAM....1/3 of your health gone...

MEsoJD2614d ago

Oh god, some bears are scary as fuck. Cant believe how strong they are.

KaBaW2614d ago

Hahah; glad I'm not the only one who is scared of the sabre tooth cats and bears!
I run from them suckers and shoot em with my bow, that gives me health every hit. (:

AronDeppert2615d ago

Still....can't wait to play it. Of course by the time I have a gap big enough in my gaming all of these bugs will be fixed.

Sidology2615d ago

I hate that I can't dual wield shields. Worst game ever.

slayorofgods2615d ago

They better address this problem in a patch, I can't believe they released this game without making sure the dual wield shields option was available.

theonlylolking2615d ago

I wouldnt say worst game ever over that but that is one of its flaws.

camel_toad2615d ago

Ha well you can always dual wield shields in Dark Souls...

bustabass2614d ago

I honestly laughed my ass off at that comment!!! Loving the game by the way!

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