Ipad and 3ds top kids Christmas present wishlist

Despite the cost of their products (does anyone really buy their six year old kid a £400+ iPad for Christmas?) Apple was once again the top brand for Christmas wishlists this year, with 44 per cent of brats asking for an iPad, 30 per cent for an iPod touch and 27 per cent for an iPhone.

A computer and non-iPad tablet made 25 per cent of kids’ lists but so did the Nintendo 3DS, which was the top-rated games-only device. That’s the same percentage as the Nintendo DS last year and suggests that Nintendo’s bad start with the device might finally have been overcome.

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Titanz3621d ago

A sign of good things to come, for the Nintendo Wii U.

ssb31733620d ago

Lets hope that the wii u gets this much attention

hennessey863620d ago

Another underpowered nintendo gimmick, but yes im sure the sheep will lap it up

CaptainSheep3621d ago

Oh, the kids these days...

Gam3rSinceBiRTH3620d ago

Jeez, I remember just wanting a He-Man or a couple of G.I.Joe's.

LettingGo3620d ago

Good lord... How old are you?!?

Si-Fly3620d ago

Same here Gam3r lol. Although I think I was lucky enough to get Skeletors Snake Mountain base one Christmas :)

klecser3620d ago

Snake Mountain was the bomb. I also really liked the GI Joe circle fortress thingy with the spring loaded missle launchers.

Khordchange3620d ago

I remember the day when kids were obsessed with dragonball z :/

ssb31733620d ago

Agreed, even though i use to be one of them. I dont actually know why but we all liked them

Me-Time3620d ago (Edited 3620d ago )

oh hell yea. I was watching DBZ yesterday and I'm going to watch that series all over again. I was way way young when it came out in the US.

Dragonball has a deep storyline. It's even more obvious now that I'm older. Dragonball IS legendary. It's actually sad that you guys don't understand. Too sad.

dcortz20273620d ago

I agree. When I was a kid I never even thought of electronics/gadgets, just toys haha.

hennessey863620d ago

was all about teenage mutant ninja turtles and te power rangers. OH and wrestling was actually worth watching back then, the ultimate warrior, brittish bulldog, bret the hitman heart, jake the snake, 123 kid yoko zuna and all the other great wrestlers of that gen I had all the figures

Gam3rSinceBiRTH3620d ago

Snake Mountain! Nice! I got a Castle Grayskull. I still have it. Somewhere in the garage.

I remember the G.I.Joe circle fortress. That thing was sick. I had the regular command center. Again somewhere in the garage.

And yes the golden days of wrestling. I was a big fan of Ricky the Dragon Steamboat.

Good times! :)

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LettingGo3620d ago

Strange. I work retail. Most parents are going for one of the PS3 bundles, the 360/Kinect bundles, or a DSi. They usually don't know the 3DS plays different games.

We're selling used Wii's for $50 too. Should be a fun Black Friday. :(

MasterCornholio3620d ago

Same here in Spain. Due to Nintendo's horrid advertising most people think that it's a DSI with a 3D screen slapped on.

No offense Nintendo fans.


klecser3620d ago

None taken. The marketing was botched. However, recent commercials do a pretty good job of describing the differences and I think it will be hard for kids to not ask for MK7 and 3D Land.

ssb31733620d ago

Agreed, the amount of people who dont know the difference is astounding. But considering how its been selling so far, its safe to say that it will sell alot

Ck1x3620d ago

So do people have the same problems when going to purchase an ipad 2? Or do they know the difference with that when buying that device for their 6 &7 yr old kids...

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