Three new ArcheAge Trailers (and a Skyrim Homage) Revealed

Today three new ArcheAge trailers have hit the web. The first two come from the developer XL Games and the third is from the Chinese publisher Tencent.

One of the three trailers even seems to pay homage to the popular "buckethead" feature in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

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websod2708d ago

buckethead feature is pretty funny. worth watching the video for!

Abriael2708d ago

I wonder if they'll fix it in the upcoming skyrim patch, if they don't, it'll mean it's an intended feature :D

ShoryukenII2708d ago

This game is like the MMO version of Skyrim. It has so much freedom. You can start a foresting company or a farming company. You can actually start any kind of company you want. You can build a city and be the king. You can also sail the seas and explore the world or become a pirate stealing from the foresters and farmers. You can even attack a city. You can use the cannons of the ships to break down the walls of the city and use other seige weapons (like in the beginning of AC Brotherhood). This game deserves so much more hype.