Mobile Gaming – What’s To Come

TPV's Phil: "There has forever been this idea that if you are able to pick up your console and play games off a screen inserted into its innards (otherwise known as a handheld console) that the thing sucks ass. Get caught by any of your gamer friends walking around with one of these things and they would ridicule you for being a stupid casual gamer who wouldn’t know the difference between a great game and a tin of beans. The problems that handhelds actually face are quite large in terms of bucking this trend of rubbish handhelds. For instance, the graphics suck. Often, you will be stuck with playing games on something like 800 x 600 resolution (PSP is only 480 by 272) on some mobile devices which is tiny compared to your PC or console. The graphics that the resolution delivers are also pitiful with most games being 2D affair purely because they cannot recreate 3D environments."

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