OXM: Nine sequels I hope they never make

OXM UK: "Truly stinky follow-ups change history, like Biff Tannen in a tooled-up Delorean, reaching back through time to tarnish our memories of the original. In a desperate attempt to save today's doozies from tomorrow's dogs, I'm going to list a few probable or confirmed sequels I'd hate to actually play."

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ConsoleCreature2713d ago

I agree with this list and would add God of War, Gears of War, Uncharted, Halo, Mario, Zelda and plenty of other tired franchises.

I want brand new original IPs. At one time each of the above was something new, something special and now it's just a retread of a retread with spruced up graphics. Well, with the exception of any Nintendo series that doesn't have the benefit of updated graphics.

Infernostew2713d ago

So you don't want sequels to any games that people like?

NukaCola2713d ago

Dont stop what people enjoy. Just don't milk it to death and continue to create new IPs. EX..Pikmin is the one of the newest Nintendo franchises. Cool, but why no 3rd game? Why another Mario Sports? I love existing franchises, I do wish some companies would create fresh IPs along side just repeating the same old thing.

Infernostew2713d ago

I agree. I'm all for devs trying something new but if they keep coming up with new and fresh ideas for current popular franchises then why not make a 4th or 5th game? Fans keep asking and buying the sequels so why not?

Ares84HU2713d ago

Just no!!!

Those games you listed are all great and each and every new one is better than the last.

AS for the list in the article. I only agree with Homefront 2 and MW4. The rest should be made.

Portal 2 was awesome and Sonice might just made a comeback with Generations.

Bigpappy2713d ago

Most new IP's fail. If I had to rely on new IP's for my gaming fix, I probably would not have bought a single game this year. I am mostly an RPG guy by the way.

Play2Win2713d ago

God of War - are you serious? God of War Trilogy belongs to the best Games I've ever played. A new God of War with some improvements would be amazing.

EmperorDalek2713d ago

At one stage God of War was my favourite game series, but unless they make some significant improvements, I hope no more are made. I couldn't even finish the Ghost of Sparta PSP demo, since it was the same thing with no improvements whatsoever.

If God of War IV is the same thing AGAIN, then it's milked. And I hate it when fans disagree, because GOWIV could be one of the best games ever made, but not if fans keep wanting the same thing with a different story.

Areeb112713d ago

There will be a new GOW, i just hope it's something truly fresh! I'm talking a revamped gameplay system, with a familiar cinematic touch that gives God of War it's edge. Also, not to sure about Kratos returning, a new protagonist with a Kratos cameo would be amazing.

gamingdroid2713d ago

That is a stupid article. What's wrong with sequels?

If you don't like it, don't buy it, don't play it and don't read about!

See, you were no worse off before or after the sequel if you follow my 1-2-3!

guigsy2713d ago

Let's see one of your games then.

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WooHooAlex2713d ago

Pretty much every game on that list will get made eventually.

Venox20082713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

sorry, but I disagree with almost games you listed.. All of these deserve sequels (maybe harry poter not.. :D ) ..but you don't want BG&E2?!?!? it hadn't any sequel at all and what I saw from a leaked footage it looked AMAZING!

Simon_Brezhnev2713d ago

I dont dislike sequels i just wish i could see more new ips.

llMurcielagoll2713d ago

Someone must have taken "Don't hate the playah hate the game!" way too seriously...

@ Sonic "whatever", spiny mammals? seriously? I do admit some of the past sonic games were rather disappointing. But personally, I loved Generations, quite short but good.

Hate to break it for ya buddy, according to something I read sometime ago, Sonic will keep going dev says. Although I really hope they get the voice of Sonic back after they freakin changed him in Generations.. :(

@ Modern Warfare 4, to be honest, unless if CoD games do something new with their franchise apart from same $hit different game I'm out.

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