MHL Consortium shows the latest Media High Definition Link features

There are now 2 HDTVs that are MHL compliant, the Toshiba WL800A and the Samsung UN46D7000 now also got a firmware update that ads MHL support. Possibly that all new HDTVs will include this functionality.

It allows for charging MHL compliant phones and tablets and to remote control them with the TV remote through one simple cable and one Micro-USB connector. Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich might add new MHL features to the UI, otherwise the MHL Consortium is trying to convince app developers and smart phone makers to design the apps and the OS to take advantage of the 1920×1080 resolution of the HDTV when using the HDMI output, to provide higher resolution user interfaces, higher resolution games, the ARM Processors and GPU in those phones and tablets are now getting powerful enough to output full 1080p UIs, videos and graphics, it’s time for the industry to take advantage of that!

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miyamoto2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

With this MHL technology we can use wireless Bluetooth controllers like
the TV Remote,
Wiimote and
Dual Shock 3,
or even the PS Vita,
to play games on any Android or iOS device(with out rooting them)while viewing them our big HDTV.

With MHL and Wireless HDMI technology its a safe bet that the next generation gaming consoles will have computing power & features like that of smart phones in regard to size & portability but can connect to any HD screen.

miyamoto2713d ago

Oops I forgot to embed the video XD

for more info watch the video here: