The Border House: A Review of Elder Scrolls V- Skyrim

TBH: My greatest hope for this game is not that it becomes Game of the Year. That’s assured.

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Kakihara2709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

Easily the best review I've read of possibly the best game I've ever played. Of course having played (and still playing) the game I don't need to read any more reviews but for the first time since Fallout 3 I come away from the game wanting to read up on it's lore or just read about the kinds of experiences other people have had with it.

I enjoyed reading about the game from a perspective I can't say I've considered any game from before. I have always loved Bethesda for filling their games with *strong deep female characters but to be honest that's partly because I have a thing for women with foul mouths and heavy weaponry.

*edit- I should say (as the review said) that it's obviously not all strong females like Bethesda are cramming some kind of simplistic feminism down our throats. Many of the women are weak and silly, just like many of the male characters.

ssb31732706d ago

This is a really good game, would advise people to buy it, both those who have a ps3/xbox/pc or are planning/thinking of getting one