Sony Disputes Microsoft's Black Friday Sales Statement

Sony is disputing Microsoft's statement about the ratio of Xbox 360 to PS3 sales during the week of Black Friday. Here's what Kimberly Otzman, a Sony spokeswoman, said to Todd Bishop of

"It's (Sony Computer Entertainment America) policy not to disclose our unit sales numbers until NPD numbers are officially released which will be December 13th. However, I can assure you that Microsoft's estimates of our PS3 unit sales numbers are way off and they did not outsell PS3 2:1 during Black Friday week."

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fenderputty4887d ago

or is this sales/console war crap just a recent product?

Violater4887d ago

I am sick of it, fanboys act as if they all have shares in MS and Sony.

Marceles4887d ago

Almost seems like it's just started to matter this gen. Actually...I remember when PS2 first came out and Sega were flaunting their numbers at how much better Dreamcast was selling than the PS2...but yeah I agree. I'm tired of this crap too.

Jinxstar4887d ago

Most gamers dont have the money to buy 2 consoles or 3. If theirs fails then they feel like the had a big loss (Which is true) also its a retaliation thing. When a dog is cornered it will bite. No one wants a return of the Dreamcast scenario but.... Both consoles are so far a long at this point it wont happen imho.

People also love to argue and with the anonimity(Spelling?) that the internet brings its all too easy. People are very opinionated and will fight for it tooth and nail especially if they have no one to impress...

All in all they do in a way have stock in a system... Sooo... Hard to say more from my view. Things like the class action law suit against the 360 now is just bad news for all gamers. It is however a good time to be a gamer.

The reason it is bad for everyone is that it opens doors for lawsuits of all kinds against all platforms...

Evil0Angel4887d ago


one day i will say : i told you so

xionpunk4887d ago (Edited 4887d ago )

While I would used to say the rivalry was all in good fun, its gotten pretty ridiculous lately.

@ reburn yeah good point.Now we get to hear everyone's opinion. Damn internet, it ruins everything...damn you Al Gore.

ReBurn4887d ago

It's been this way forever. Atari vs. Intellivision. Nintendo vs. Sega. The difference is that now we have the internet to proliferate it.

kornbeaner4887d ago

while I do agree with what you said, a REAL gamer will find a way to purchase at least 2 consoles if not all. I myself have find a way to own every system since the SNES. In my younger days I would save my allowence, now that am older and have a family of my own, I try to work like crazy so that I can afford to provide for my family and the guilty plessure of gaming. Why? because I am still to own a 360 and a Wii and I still want to build myself a kick-ass PC rig. Granted some people are in such deep hole that they can only afford 1 console, but those are the people who appericate the one system they own and are to busy enjoying it to even bother talking about the other systems. A real gamer by the book, loves the industry and accepts it for what it is.
Its an Industry where the big corps lie to you, but they make up for it by providing hours or somtimes minutes of entertainment in our lives. The faster people accept that fact and just enjoy the games the better the industry will become.

P.S. +bubbles

Jinxstar4887d ago (Edited 4887d ago )

@ Kornbeaner.

Yeah I'm only 25 so I had a limit to how many consoles I had as a youth but I did find friends who had Neo Geo and Sega CD and stuff. I myself had a SNES during that time but since PSone and N64 I have owned every console apart from some crap you can probably only get in the electric district of tokyo =P

Hey I really do try to stay unbiased here. It does pay off. Anyone who doesn't realize that all systems have potential is dead wrong and anyone with half a brain will tell you that. PS3 is hard to dev for hence we get delays and few exclusives but they are well worth it when people try. PSN is great too. Pain is fun.

360 has more games and can put them out on time. However where it exceeds against PS3 it lacks in Hardware. I see potential in both and hopefully everyone can. I remember the days where I would argue about sega and SNES for hours in school. You know what though... Its done and they were both good. In 7 years nobody will care about PS3 vs 360....

Still for those who are on a budget it still doesn't give you the right to knock others. You made the choice that best serves your gaming needs. Deal with it.

p.s. Bub's for you too bud. Good times.

PS3PCFTW4887d ago

HOW many lies about MS and its associates were exposed this year?

ANSWER: PLENTY..........get ready to add one more

godofthunder104886d ago

what i don't understand is that sony is critizing microsoft for their sale numbers for black friday saying that it's not true and they never release sony sales numbers to after dec 31,well why did sony say that their sales of the ps3 jumped around a 100% after black friday.
the truth is that this been going on for years and every company lie about one thing or another to try and sell their products,yes even sony,but what get me is how people act as if sony is better then everyone else and they never lie or have bad products.
when the ps1 and 2 first came out sony had all kinds of troubles with the drives on the systems and they had a high return rate but sony didn't do a damn thing about it.the reason why sony didn't do anything is because when all the problems was happing with the ps1 and 2 they didn't hardly have anyone on the internet at that time so microsoft fans couldn't get on line and lie about it to make it seem worse and people didn't talk about it in forums like they are now and the news didn't spread all over the world,so it didn't become well known.
when microsoft came out with the 360 the whole world was on the internet and sony fans lied to make the problem look worse then it was(i'll admit it was bad),and because of this the news spread all over the world and people was all over the internet talking about it.
if the internet was like it is now back then,sony would've had to do the same thing that microsoft done because their first 2 ps were crap,the newer versions were good but i'm talking about the first 2 years on the consoles life.i'm tired of hearing how it's just microsoft that had problems like this but if people want to admit it or not microsoft contracted the work for the pieces that's causing the 360 to heat up and microsoft is replacing the pieces that caused the system to overheat with a different piece that will solve the problems,i've read where some sony fanboys said that microsoft isn't fixing them they are just putting the same pieces back in and sending them off and hoping that they last to another 2 to 3 years to the warrinty wares off,well if they will use their brains they will see that it's cheaper to fix them then have them to keep coming back just to put the same pieces in again and on top of that it's aggainst the law to keep puting defected parts in any electronic products.
i'm not saying that some microsoft products have problems because they do but sony do had problems with their computers exploding because of the battery,cameras been recalled,the ps1 and 2,and sony had other products that had problems with to.
what i can't understand is how can americans hope that a company from japan wins and the one from the U.S looses.when 2 writers from 2 game magazines in japan were intervied and asked why the 360 just can't seem to sell well in japan with all the good games,they both said that the japanese people are proud of their country and companies in it,and they like to buy japanese products to support the japanese economy and they just refuse to buy forign products especially if it comes from the U.S.what i want to know is how can americans still want them to beat us in anything.
years ago they had a slogan that came out buy american,they said if we don't then one day we will be dependent on forign products.well it's years latter after this slogan came out and they were right we are now dependent on japan for all of our products.japan allows 3/4 less imports from the U.S that they export to the U.S and if it was any other country instead of japan we wouldn't allow it.japan owns atleast half of the U.S but in japan an american isn't allow to own any companies there,but i guess some people like it because they want japan to beat an american company,the kids now days don't have their proities in the right place,hell i'm only 37 years old and i have respect for the U.S and just like the japanese i'm proud of my country and support it anyway i can and there is no way in hell that i hope they beat an americam company because unlike the ones that do,i love and respect my country and every thing in it and i want hope that japan beat us in any damn thing.
henery rollins was right when he said that they had the U.S over a barrel and f**king it dry and we aint doing a damn thing about it,and i think it's about time now

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ktchong4887d ago

This is going to be delicious...

The Brave 14887d ago

This is great.I cant wait till the NPD numbers come out.I wonder what the Xboys will be saying on the 13th.Hope its friday too!lol

brianpk804886d ago

This is a victory for Microsoft. Their PR machine here is like a well oiled political campaign. No one ever votes for the candidate on the defensive. How will this appear:

Sony rep says, "Microsoft lied! They didn't sell twice as much as us, they only sold 1.85 times as much as us!"

Either way, it gets the point across. Microsoft outsold Sony. That's the whole point they're making. The more Sony belabors the point and tries to correct the 2:1 figrue, the more they just draw attention to the fact that they were outsold again. How could their public relations let statements like this fly out of the kitchen and perpetuate the whole issue? It's something Sony should want swept entirely under the rug.

DJ4887d ago (Edited 4887d ago )

Microsoft puts out a statement regarding 360 vs. PS3 sales, and then Sony basically says "They're lying"? I want to see this thing escalate!

EDIT: Slugg just 'pwned' himself. That "toy story graphics" claim was made by LucasArts. The "Toy Story 2 graphics" claim however WAS made by Microsoft in regards to Xbox.

Vojkan4887d ago

DUDE, Microsoft is ALWAYS lying! Dont forget that

slugg4887d ago

"The PS2's Emotion Engine will allow us to reproduce Toy-Story like graphics in-game" or "Rumble doesn't matter to gamers, and besides, there is no way to integrate rumble with the motion-sensing controls of the six-axis"


ElementX4887d ago

They don't disclose their numbers because maybe they don't know them until NPD releases ;) Ok I'm kidding, but what do they have to hide?

Real gamer 4 life4887d ago

This is going to be interesrting. I dont think Sony would have said anything about microsoft number if they felt that microsoft was telling the truth. But We as gamer do not know who is telling the truth that is wby we have to wait for the npd numbers.

athlon7704887d ago

that the 360 did outsell the PS3 over the weekend, the only "sale" the PS3 had was at Walmart where the system was not cheaper, you just walked out of the store with 10 free movies.

I would say what Sony is disputing is that the 360 outsold the PS3 2:1. I guess we shall see.