Six reasons the GameCube is the best system of all time

Ten years is a mighty long time, but it feels like just yesterday we drove to our local Sam Goody to pick up the system alongside Super Money Ball, Rogue Leader and Tony Hawk 3. Though it wasn’t the most popular system of its time, and statistically-speaking the Cube was Nintendo’s worst-selling system, we heart the purple square, and you should too. For reasons other than its better-than-you-remember game library, it may be the best console of all time.

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SandWitch4145d ago

It may be one of the best, but definitely not the best. Mainly because of lack of games - GC only has 640 versus 2000+ PS2 games.

Also the design is cute and original but not attractive for masses.

Pikajew4145d ago

Just because something has more games doesn't mean it has better games

decrypt4145d ago

Well the greatest system of them all the PC, Actually is capable of emulating 95% of those games. Plus it has BC of nearly 25years, no other system is capable of such BC.

Niether does anyother system give the user the kind of freedom the PC platform has to offer mods etc. Also the system isnt under the control of some company. Current consoles are completely under the control of MS and Sony they may take away features as they please make gamers play as they please.

Imo PC is the ultimate gaming platform of all time.

Tanir4143d ago

um gamecube was horrible, it had almost no 3rd party support, had Some good games, def under 20, and came out the latest and left the earliest.

the ps2 was far better, hundreds of better games, just so many.

oh and the GC controller is garbage, yuck

topgeareasy4143d ago

PS2 had quantity and quality over the gamecube

nveenio4143d ago

One reason it's not the greatest of all time: PS3.

My PS3 is literally the best electronic investment I've ever made (besides a TV).

BitbyDeath4143d ago (Edited 4143d ago )

@decrypt, i dunno.
PC is like a high maintenance woman that always goes spending your money.

Where as I'd rather one that costs less, and doesn't consume so much of your time on the boring things. (upgrades, maintenance etc)

Thus i like consoles more :-p

SilentNegotiator4143d ago (Edited 4143d ago )

And regardless of that truth, the Gamecube does NOT have more or better games than the playstation 2.

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brish4143d ago

The best system for games hasn't been created yet.

death2smoochie4143d ago (Edited 4143d ago )

PS2 had MANY games that were shovelware.
The PS2 did have some of the best games bat none...but it also had many more shovelware titles than any other system out at that time...
That's the price for being the most popular console.
Look at the Wii?
Has some great games...but most of the games out are shovelware. More so than the other systems.

More does not equate to better.

zu4G4143d ago

i dissagree,

ps2 is better

ssb31734143d ago

The quantity of games doesn't matter, its all about the qualiity. Thge gamecube had the qualitty games, all it lacked were the sales

seinfan4143d ago

I loled when I read the title.

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CrimsonEngage4145d ago

Whoever reported this can go to hell.

thebudgetgamer4145d ago

Could never get past the controller. I just think it's not good.

BitbyDeath4143d ago

I agree, not sure what is with Nintendo and shitty controllers, but they sure seem to go out of their way creating them. It's probably some sort of internal joke that give Nintendo a good laugh when displaying them.

Kind of like the vehicle Mr Garrison made on South Park. "IT".

Venoxn4g4145d ago (Edited 4145d ago )

Gamecube's Wavebird wiress controller still is the best that I ever played (still have it) :) graphics is really was the best of all three (not counting multiplatform games that were looking like PS2 games) (RE4, RE:make, RE:0, Luigi's mansion, mario sunshine, wind waker and some more) ..yep it's not the best console, but hell, it had ones of the best games! :)

ambientFLIER4143d ago

You think that Gamecube's graphics were the best out of the three consoles...which included the original Xbox?????? Lol...

Venoxn4g4143d ago (Edited 4143d ago )

it had the best graphics of all three.. just look at exclusives, not at multiplatform titles.. look at least at metroid prime and RE4

ambientFLIER4143d ago (Edited 4143d ago )

I did look at exclusives. Metroid looked great, but the Gamecube could never visually match Halo 2, or any other of the top games on the xbox. How could it, when the xbox had far more processing power and ram? The GC couldn't do native 720P like the xbox, either. Why would the gamecube have the best graphics when it was weaker in every way than the xbox? Just look at the technical specs...

Projekt7tuning4143d ago (Edited 4143d ago )

Super Monkey Ball 1 and 2 after a few beers with your buddy's. Monkey Drop was the best mini game ever for drunken friends in their mid to early 20s.

@ ambientFLIER
Technically it was, But you had to order the component cable from Nintendo in order to use the Progressive scan output. It was basically a little Mac with a more powerful Ati video card than the Xbox's Nvidia card.
If you look at both of them specs wise, it really was like a Mac VS PC. One had a Power PC CPU with an Ati GPU, the other was a Pentium 3 with an Nvidia GPU. Pretty close in pure spec's, But the Power PC with it's RISC design, was more powerful at the time. That's why the 360, Wii, and PS3 all use a type of Power PC chip today. Nintendo should have made the component cable more easily available, and advertised it more. I ordered mine off their web site before I had even actually bought my Cube lol. Games like Wind Waker were so pretty in progressive vs what you got with S-video.
That's one area where MS did a better job. They had every game support Progressive scan, and had the cable on the shelf next to the system.

Projekt7tuning4142d ago

Wow I just realized the original Gamecube Component video cable is going for $100 and more on eBay. I still have two of them. Ebay A! lol

TXIDarkAvenger4143d ago

FYI the original Xbox had the best graphics. This isn't an opinion its a fact.

Projekt7tuning4142d ago

No thats still an opinion. Are we talking from a personal aesthetic point of view, which would be opinion? Or from a technical point of view, in which case its a wash. Actually the Cube had a higher theoretical output, not an opinion, but benchmark numbers.

TXIDarkAvenger4142d ago

Technical point of view.

Its been proven. I didn't just say it to sound like some Xbox fanboy. Anyways all three systems were awesome and I enjoyed all of them equally.

Projekt7tuning4141d ago (Edited 4141d ago )

"Anyways all three systems were awesome and I enjoyed all of them equally"
We'll that is something we can both agree on then lol. I was working at Circuit City at the time, selling computer and home theater. I was able to grab the last cube left before X-mas. It was a black one. But I had my dreamcast at home and was kind of pissed at the time at Sony, because I felt like the PS2 hype machine helped kill what was a great system, the Dreamcast. So I got the Cube before X-mas, then the xbox right after, and finally once GT3 came out, I picked up the PS3.( also got the Sony specifically for FF-X.) It was kind of funny in a way because right after I got the PS2, it fell off the entertainment center and killed my Gameboy Advance. The corner of the PS2 went through the Screen. It was Irony at it's best. I finally gave in and bought the PS2 and it Kills what was pretty much my favorite system at the time, my Advance. I loved playing Advance Wars with a buddy from work, while getting Drunk off Abbot Ale, and Black and Tans lol.
Working At the City back then, we were on commission and made really good money. Plus we were able to buy at cost. Back then the Big screen Projection HDTV's were super expensive but they were marked way up. I bought what was at the time, the best HDTV. A Hitachi SWX 53in Ultravision HDTV. The retail was $5,999. I got mine at cost for $2,400 (Yea that was what the mark up was for HDTV's in the early days of HD). Those TV's look like sh!t these days lol. Now I have all Sharp Aquos LCD/LEDs.

The worst thing about the three systems back then were that they all had component output for HD, because HDMI wasn't out yet. And even the best HDTV's back then only had 2 maybe 3 Component inputs. I ended up making my own component switching hub out of S-video/composite switches. You had to join two of them together (double sided tape.) use one for sound, them use the red, white, and yellow inputs for your Red, blue, and Green component inputs. lol What a mess back then, but it all worked.

Gam3rSinceBiRTH4145d ago

I owned most consoles. I didn't own a gamecube tho. :p