New details for Silent Hill V emerge from the fog

Destructoid reports:

"Silent Hill V will move away from preset camera angles, giving you full control of the visuals. Furthermore, the game will include button tapping puzzles along the same vein as God of War. One example has been provided of using these rythm-lite actions to loosen the straps on your gurney"

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Probotector5666d ago

Silent Hill 4 was a complete failure, so I don't expect anything good from this game.

fopums5666d ago

I dont mind if they borrow some of the visuals from the movie, but I hope pyramid head is left out, if he becomes the mascot of silent hill he will lose his edge

Prismo_Fillusion5666d ago

You have to admit that when he ripped the skin off that girl in the movie, it was his best role since raping the nurses in SH2!

name5666d ago

I'm buying this game no matter what, but I'm 100% sure they're gonna ruin the game. I have no idea why. It's not because they're american or anything, I just can feel it.

Lucifous5666d ago

Konami are a Japanese company :o

malingenie5666d ago

Origins was good. This game series has been absolutely creepy in a way that you want to wash afterwards. Its awesome. The movie is in the top tier of game-based movies as well.

This is not my opinion, it is the absolute truth.

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