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VGBlogger writes: "Microsoft’s Kinect peripheral, much like the late Jim McKay, has spanned the globe, giving us the constant variety of (motion-controlled) sports. We’ve thrilled to hands-free video game approximations of all the majors and also gone extreme, rocking everything from jungle parkour to hang-gliding. One of the few places we haven’t been yet is into the chlorinated depths of the swimming pool. Enter everyone’s favorite U.S. Olympic bong-hitter swimmer to show us how it’s done.

Or not done, as the case may be. Michael Phelps: Push the Limit purports to give us the sense of what it’s like to swim laps in a speedo and a six-pack with the most elite swimmers in the world. The actual result is closer to rhythm-based repetition, with an appeal that water-logs after a couple hundred meters."

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