Push-Start: Retro Review: Luigi’s Mansion Video Review

Daniel, James, and cjszero01 aka Cameron (who edited the video) give you their thoughts on Luigi’s Mansion for it’s 10th anniversary. Luigi gets his first big lead role (not counting Mario is Missing because no one cares about that) and is used to launch what was Nintendo’s new amazing console back then. People were rather shocked that Mario didn’t appear instead. Is Luigi’s Mansion a worthy substitute or did they really need Mario for this one?

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MultiConsoleGamer2713d ago

I'm really looking forward to the 3DS sequel.

Great review!

darthv722712d ago

i had some difficulty with the controls when this first came out. I put it aside and played some other games but then I just had to get back into it. It was surprisingly good for a non mario nintendo game.

Years later and my youngest son (9) is playing this game right now and is half way through without asking me for help. Good for him.

He is looking forward to the 3ds release as well as I am. The game live up still to this day.

Lethaltare2712d ago

It's great your kids are playing games that made an impact really on the industry today. Even though some may think not with titles like Luigis Mansion but the Gamecube provided home to a lot of amazing titles.