NowGamer - Battlefield 3 (PC) Review

NowGamer - So, we’ve already ascertained how good Battlefield 3 is on consoles, but what you all really wanted to know at launch was, how good is the PC version? Well, in a nutshell, if you have a PC that can run it, this is still, hands-down the version to get.

We know that Battlefield was developed first on PC, then scaled down for consoles, but trust us, this version looks so much better. Particle effects, dust, texture detail and facial motion offer such an improvement that it’s practically a new game.

Seriously, we couldn’t engage with the campaign on consoles the way we can here – it’s still a bit pap overall, but you really believe in the characters thanks to some incredible facial work.

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ssb31732703d ago

This is a decent game, online could be better but overall its acctually pretty good