People That Don’t Have Headsets Piss Me Off

Communicating is an essential part of most video games online experience, especially games that emphasize team work based squad play.

So why the hell don't more people use them?!

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pat_11_52713d ago

People that don't use headsets when they game online make me want to rage out.

Angrymorgan2712d ago

People that do have headsets, and like to let everyone know by playing crappy ass music, as loud as possible, piss me off :)

malol2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

i don't like being annoyed with someones voice when i play my video game

so i dont use head sets
and if i hear anyone talking i just mute him

BattleAxe2712d ago

@ pat_11_5

Go play HALO 3 or something, then lets see if you have the same opinion.

Mutant-Spud2712d ago

I always have the voice channel on and my mic off, to date I've never heard anyone speak in BF3 on 360, I hear the odd cough or background noise but that's it.
Once I had to tell some random co op player to jump into the chopper at the end of the first level, I know he heard me because he did it but he didn't say anything in reply.
I play a bit of Forza as well and people seem to talk all the time, like have actual conversations during races, then again racing takes less concentration than shooting.

morganfell2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

In Team oriented games I personally like to have people talking...about the damn objective.

For all of the talk about vaunted cross game chat, it is for many one of the worst things ever.

If you think people not plugging in a mic is bad, trying going into a game of Reach and finding half the people on your team in at BTB session locked in a private chat.

In addition to not conversing with the team in order to plan tactics, they are barely paying attention in the first place.

Setting preferences in Reach for gamer types works to some degree, but not all the time and certainly not in other titles.

Oddly enough, a co-op game, even with strangers usually has plenty of conversation but MP is often like a crypt.

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Dasteru2712d ago

People that do use headsets piss me off. 90% of them are immature 10yo kids that constantly bark profanities and racial slurs at random people cause they think its funny and/or cool.

CrimsonEngage2713d ago

People have headsets. You just don't hear them because they are in a party talking to their friends while they play. Second of all, I don't like listening to children have rap battles and finally, I'm sure you don't want to hear me swearing and raging up a storm when my team loses because they suck.

madjedi2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

Lol yeah that's the main reason i don't use a headset, i am not polite if i am losing in a competitive game. It's better to have silence than hearing people with bad tempers when they lose.

marioPSUC2713d ago

a lot of online games dont require communication, some do but a lot really dont. And most of the time random people really dont listen to what you tell them to do

And also, plenty of people dont use mics cause of how many annoying people there are. So many racists, kids yelling, people playing music over their mics and people just acting like total idiots on the mic, its not worth me trying to talk to maybe 1 nice guy over a bunch of idiots

I just normally stick to party chat with friends and dont bother with random people

ATi_Elite2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

Ummmm on the PC if you don't have a headset then most likely your team is gonna get GANG RAPED!!

Communication is key and those 8 to 15 auto commands are NOT good enough when your playing a solid team with head-sets. You gotta be able to communicate strategy on the fly with your team and let each player know what's going on so they can prioritize objectives, resources, and position. I don't like typing when I'm facing good players cause speed is everything.

I can play BF3 without a HS for the most part but Red Orchestra 2 Nuclear Dawn and Arma II HS are a MUST. Forgot my HS a few weeks back at a Lan party and it was a horrible experience. Just way out of sync with my team.

Head Sets on the Pc are Cool cause you have many options to instantly MUTE some ass clown screaming or farting into the mic all night which is a rare occasion on the PC from my experience.

Shackdaddy8362712d ago

Arma I agree with you because it's just so hard to do things without having people talk. But your team won't get raped if no one has a headset. That has never happened once for when I play on my PC.

ATi_Elite2712d ago

well i play with a group of very competitive people. we have tons of fun but we all want to win and having headsets is a HUGE advantage.

Saturday we play Nuclear Dawn and head sets are a must cause the commander is playing the game in RTS mode and giving the FPS players orders and situation updates.

Nuclear Dawn and Red Orchestra 2 were the games i had in mind when thinking how much of a disadvantage it was playing a good team while not having head-sets.

malol2712d ago

i play BF3 on pc
and im yet to see anyone uses a head set

hellvaguy2712d ago

I thought it went like this: on the PC if yur not using some cheat code or hack you'll get owned. Maybe "headset" is the new code word for a pc hack needed to win.

ATi_Elite2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )


See the PC has dedicated servers and admins so if you try to cheat you are quickly booted off the server.

lots of disagrees here but then again i dont play on consoles i game on the PC and dont have to deal with stupid 10 year olds rapping or using racist language over the mic.

once in a while you'll get some jerk with too much feedback in his mic or coughing every 10 seconds but they are easily muted.

Actually with the PC you can set up Teamspeak, Xfire, Skype, Mumble, Ventrilo, Roger Wilco, etc. so that you only connect with you friends anyway.

dazzalfc2712d ago

I very rarely use a headset

I've found 90% of the time those that do have headsets either a) spend most of the time shouting out stupid crap b) slagging people off or c) never bother saying anything anyway.

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