Zelda: A Link to The Past, Present and Future

An untold number of video game writers, developers and artists, also diehard Zelda fans, may not have drawn the necessary inspiration to follow their dreams if not for Shigeru Miyamoto peering into a cave as a young boy. For these talented individuals, The Legend of Zelda is more than a video game, though as we discovered, the series means different things to a wide range of talented people. IndustryGamers chatted with developers about Zelda's lasting impact.

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Squatch832713d ago

No surprise. Zelda has more classic games than most series can dream of ever having.

Buff10442713d ago

I like this article very much. Of course, I am biased.

donniebaseball2713d ago

Yeah I love the series, and it's quite interesting to hear how it's affected people actually making games today.