Microsoft Announces Black Friday week sales

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Microsoft announced Thursday that that Xbox 360 sold 310,000 units for the week of November 18 in the US. This compares favorably to the year-younger Nintendo Wii, which sold 350,000 units during the same time frame.

Aaron Greenberg
"We turned around and replenished those units," the Xbox 360 product manager said in a phone interview. "We're seeing thousands and thousands of top big box retail stores reporting outages depending on SKUs, and some reporting outages of the whole Xbox 360 line."


Software sales continue to outpace those of Wii and PS3, with Xbox 360 capturing 54 percent of total software sales at $162 million during October, according to NPD. Wii and PS3 captured 30 percent and 16 percent, respectively.

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Lex Luthor5289d ago

Ahhh.. Please don't cry.

Evil0Angel5289d ago (Edited 5289d ago )

360 outsold PS3

Software sales continue to outpace those of Wii and PS3, with Xbox 360 capturing 54 percent of total software sales at $162 million during October, according to NPD. Wii and PS3 captured 30 percent and 16 percent, respectively

do not say this normal becuase 360 got bigger instal base blah blah caz there is 10M 360--- 10M wii 6Mps3 but 360 outselling them compained.
i think MS game divsion will be out of red this quarter

Led Zeppelin5289d ago

It's funny you say that because if it were the PS3 that was doing that, you'd be creaming your pants.

jjfunaz5289d ago

Your actually very wrong. I expect 360 to sell the most software because in the US, Xbox has 2x more then wii sold, and 3x more then ps3s. I believe the numbers are:

360: 8mil (~50%)
wii: 6mil (~30%)
PS3: 3mil (~20%)

So the software ratios is exactly what you would expect in the US. This shows that software sales for all three systems is roughly the same when compared to the amount of systems sold.

Good new for MS though as they are stil doing very well in the US. Europe and Japan though need a boost though.

lessthanmarcus5289d ago

Could care less who sells more. We'll see who sells more in '08 where PS3 has about 10x more exclusives. But even then, still don't care

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Meus Renaissance5289d ago (Edited 5289d ago )

Sony released a percentage with a high figure, although the smart ones knew what percentage really translated to in terms of figures. Microsoft PHONE the media and announce numbers sold. To sell Sony 2:1, when the price difference is close to nothing, is a smack in the faces of the ones in the suits in Japan.

Luckily the holiday season has just begun and we'll be monitoring the figures till past Christmas, but Sony need to desperately become on par in sales figures this holiday with Microsoft if they have the intention of over leaping the X360 userbase this time next year.

They have a lead in Europe but its not of a ratio of 2:1 although it will most likely reach that in 2008 with the games that Sony has on the racks for release by then. Will this generation be exclusively dependant on territories? Damn. Microsoft has North America wrapped around their little finger it seems. Japan is Sony's love-child.

All eyes on Europe.

BLaZiN PRopHeT5289d ago

couldnt agree with you more.

rubarb235289d ago

except for japan being sony's love child. ps3 has outsold the wii for like what 3 weeks in a row or something?
the wii has been killing the ps3 since launch over there. i'd say japan is wii's girlfriend and ps3 is throwing kisses at japan and japan is starting to take notice.

jiggyjay5289d ago

You sony fanboys are funny! How bout you guys just keep your mouths shut until the PS3 is actually outselling the 360 3:1 all the time because that's the only way the PS3 will catch up to it.. Wait till the PS3 launches.. Wait till HS, Lair and Uncharted comes out.. Wait till the 40 GB PS3 comes out! Now its wait till 2008 comes out! Look I don't doubt that the PS3 has great games on 2008 but games alone will not attract the masses to the system! Its also price! And guess which TRUE NEXT GEN console will be at $199 and will even have a bigger library of games with GTA 4 by next fall! Let me give you a clue its not going to be Sonys console!

Theres no way the PS3 is going outsell the 360 unless the PS3 becomes cheaper than the 360! Its all about price! So just freakin shut your traps until the PS3 actually is doing it!

Meus Renaissance5289d ago (Edited 5289d ago )

Software sales continue to outpace those of Wii and PS3, with Xbox 360 capturing 54 percent of total software sales at $162 million during October, according to NPD. Wii and PS3 captured 30 percent and 16 percent, respectively.

LMAO. That is insane. But unsurprising I suppose with the large user base. Alright, seriously, who didn't buy Uncharted? Own up. Admit your shame and go buy the game NOW. Come back and show Daddy Meus a picture of the receipt

razer5289d ago

doesn't the Wii have a larger install base now??

GIJeff5289d ago

will have mine tomarrow! im so excited.

Meus Renaissance5289d ago

Yeah but what is there to buy for the Wii other than SMG? In my eyes anyway

paul_war5289d ago (Edited 5289d ago )

Sorry Daddy Meus but its not out in the UK yet. I promise though 1st day of release.

@ bellow, snap, 14 games also, only 9 blu-rays so far though...

hardcorehippiez5289d ago

but its not released here yet lol one more week to go then its bought and my collection will now stand and 14 games 11 bluray :)

bym051d5289d ago

I didn't buy Uncharted... but it's on my Christmas list.

the 360 has better attach rates for 3 big reasons.

1. Hardware numbers are very close to Wii and 2x what PS3 is.
2. 360 owners are often more mature owners with more disposable income than Wii owners.
3. There are far more good games to buy on the 360 than on the Wii.

Method5289d ago

Why would anyone want to BUY a 7 hour game?

It's a rental at best.

OOG FunK5289d ago

yea theres no denying that the XBOX n 360 have had retarded attach rates...which all in all is great esp if you end up falln behind your competition in the future but still dominate the charts for software...

ARBitrator5289d ago

Please "kindly" correct me if I'm wrong. But does attach rate really have anything to do with user base. If you have a user base of 25 and I have a user base of 100, and we have both sold a specific game 10 times doesn't that put your attach rate higher than mine. So shouldn't a console with a lower user base have higher attach rate. Or wouldn't that said attach rate climb faster with less users.

Thanks kindly for correcting me on the attach rate thing if I don't have it down correctly.

lockload5289d ago

The whole point of attatch rates are it is console unit sales neutral ie its an avergae of software units sold divided by no of console

Seriously jack trenton must be thinking what can they actually do

bym051d5289d ago

No, you're right. Attach rate is a percentage and not an absolute. I was mostly talking about total software sales, but I meant to talk about attach rate.

Attach rate is not necessarily related to install base size, but it is related to install base demographics.

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Probotector5289d ago


Sony is the only company that publish sh!tty percentages, instead of REAL numbers like Nintendo and Microsoft does.

Poor PS3, is doomed.

GIJeff5289d ago

Playstation is as doomed as you are smart. So, to simplify, your dumb as turds and sony is doing just fine and getting stronger every day. How did the ps2 software do?

SquallSK5289d ago

From all I know, Nintendo said they sold 350 000 in one day (BF),not in whole week ..