Batman Arkham City: PC Tech Demo Trailer

DSOGaming writes: "Rocksteady and Warner Bros released a new video that showcases the extra features that will be included in the PC version of Batman: Arkham City. PC gamers will be able to enjoy Rocksteady's gem with special GPU accelerated physics via PhysX, in glorious 3D with Nvidia's 3D Vision and some unique DX11 effects like tessellation and advanced HBAO. Batman: Arkham City PC is slated for a November 25th release."

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NYC_Gamer2552d ago

this is why i switched from amd to nvidia along with better drivers for many huge games

BakedGoods2552d ago

I've got an HD5970, so while the card is a beast, AMD's driver support as of late has been terrible.

My next card will be an nVidia.

iamgoatman2552d ago

AMD drivers, or more so their crossfire support has been pretty rubbish lately, running OC 5850 CF myself and it's getting irritating having to wait weeks for a new CAP.

But even though I usually alternate between AMD and Nvidia, I'll probably just go with whoever offers the best price/performance ratio. Will think twice about a CF/SLI set-up again though, performance is awesome when it works, but on those odd occasions when it doesn't, and they exist for both vendors, you're left thinking whats the point?

raytraceme2552d ago

i love it when console boys fight about which system has better graphics ohh I see twee moar gwasses on my exshboksh and ohhh ohhh my pstwee has teh britest lightingzzz. OHHHH 1 moar frame per secondz ha my toy is bettraz ten teh urz :P

LOL well my pc version has FULL 1080p/60 fps kb+m, ps3 controller, and xbox controller support, full blown dx11 graphics, REAL anti aliasing, and realtime physics. Now lets do some side by side comparisons ehhh ;)

ThatEnglishDude2552d ago

While I admit I am primarily a PC gamer, the argument for console owners will be "yeah...but we played long before you did" same goes for games like Assassins Creed. If the PC version is going to be released a month (or later) after consoles, no shit I'd like to see some kind of effort put into it. There's no reason for Batman, Assassins Creed or any other multiplatform title to be released later on the PC. Better graphics? How about throw in Catwoman and other DLC and we'll call it even.
That being said, its not as if I've been short of games to play recently...

raytraceme2552d ago

Well we do pay a lot less per game than console players do (if you know where to buy). We also get far greater online support, ala steam and also we don't have a community filled with little annoying teens ;)

Virus2012552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

This looks amazing. I got this game for free when I bought my gtx 560 ti. I can't wait for this game.

When can I pre load this game from steam?

claw112552d ago

I too got this game with gtx 560 ti. Nice.