Xbox Live Activity for week of November 7th

Modern Warfare 3 debuts at #1 with Black Ops slipping to #2.

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Sizzon2711d ago

No Bad Company 2 in the top 20? :(

StanLee2711d ago

Call of Duty 4, World at War, Modern Warfare 2, Black Ops and Modern Warfare 3 all in the top 20. How does one franchise maintain so many communities?

2711d ago
GraveLord2711d ago

They all migrated to BF3.
The Battlefield community is not large enough to support multiple communities. At least not yet. The whole FPS scene could change next-gen.

(Please don't take this the wrong way. I'm only stating the obvious)

Sizzon2711d ago

Yeah it seems so, kinda bit of a shame, BC2 is still a great Battlefield game tho, esp on consoles.

dcortz20272711d ago

It's nice to see COD4 in the top 15. Brilliant game and best COD game to date. I wish IW would of just remade COD4 and released more new maps and weapon packs instead of making MW2 and MW3.

Noticeably_FAT2711d ago

I have to disagree, it was the best at the time, but is very outdated and the game had a ton of flaws that were never fixed.

M-16 with it's 1 hit kills, 3 frag, martydom, last stand, acog glitch, UAV glitch. That game was always a grenade spam of explosions and idiots running around with acog sniper rifles.

MW3 for me is the most balanced and best of the bunch, but to each their own.

It is good to see so many COD games on the list.

Jobesy2711d ago

Well said, the best thing about COD4 was the maps. The maps were the best of any mp game ever imo. I wish IW brought the maps back and they had their own playlist.

Genghis2711d ago

except bog. i hated that map. snipe fest

newflesh2711d ago

I wonder where is Homefront, lol
Glad to see Skyrim so high.

iliimaster2711d ago

gears 3 at 5.... sad but the game blows online

Zachmo1822711d ago

Its nice to see people are still playing GTA 4 after almost 4 years. Though for the most part they're only playing free roam.

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