Nintendo: Making mobile games 'flies in the face of what we believe in' [Interview]

The maker of Mario couldn't be in stranger times. As Nintendo prepares for what could be one of its strongest holiday seasons with critically-acclaimed games and the 3DS raring to go, the company expects to report its first financial loss in over 30 years. And let's not forget Nintendo's staunch opinions of mobile and social gaming, which are quickly outpacing Microsoft and Sony as the company's biggest competition.

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Shackdaddy8362709d ago

I really don't get why they would do it. 3DS is selling just fine now and if they make mobile games then they will just competing against themselves.

Pixel_Enemy2707d ago

Not every one wants a 3Ds tho. To be honest, I would love it if Nintendo went the way of Sega and stopped making hardware and just made software for other companies. I will catch hell for saying that but I haven't "loved" any Nintendo hardware since NES, SNES and N64. Game Cube, Wii and the DS family don't appeal to me at all. I have owned them all but have not been satisfied with them.

If I could play Nintendo franchises on my mobile device of choice, or console of choice I would be a happy gamer. The Wii U doesn't look like something I would buy if not for the software titles.

ChickeyCantor2707d ago

You would completely destroy your own marketing if you put your handheld games on other devices.
Why buy a 3DS when you can just get it for your phone? It's suicide.

miyamoto2708d ago

"So, one of the first things that will differentiate the 3DS is that we are getting that type of content. And probably the best example of that is the Resident Evil game that will come out next year from Capcom. Beautiful game, and if you love Resident Evil, it's everything that you want. "

Ah, Resident Evil .... and throw in Metal Gear Solid etc. with that.

Didn't Nintendo tried that with the N64 and GameCube?

Did that maneuver to lure in PlayStation gamer it work the Nintendo Systems work to put them back on top?

Or did these so called hardcore franchises found their way back to the PlayStation platform and got played more?

Its obvious that the 3DS and Wii U initiative this time is to lure the core gamer market back to Nintendo

You know PS2, PSP, PS3, 360 and PSVita if you will types of gamers.

What makes Nintendo think it will work the third time around?

Surely a more powerful hardware did not help.

Nintendo is facing a huge obstacle to achieve this goal.....itself.

Its own image.

Its own wholesome family kiddie fun entertainment image of itself.

Its a strength and a weakness at the same time.

If N64 and GameCube was not enough it certainly did not work for the Wii either. Mature Hardcore games did not sell as well compared to the kiddie games.

This makes it look like Nintendo hardware was tailor made for Nintendo's first party kiddie friendly games not mature games.

These are the hard questions Reggie and Iwata needed to answer.

miyamoto2707d ago

just reminding you guys... :-)

Shackdaddy8362707d ago (Edited 2707d ago )

You don't need to make a new paragraph with each sentence. That just makes your post look annoyingly lengthy and feel broken up while reading. People don't want to read something that's like that. It's like having all caps on or having a wall of text... Just a tip...

VampiricDragon2707d ago (Edited 2707d ago )

4 posts

2 decent ones, 1 troll, and 1 fanboy

The ds was the greatest system of the gen. With the best library of games/exclusives.

Good for them sticking up for what they believe it.

The 3ds is selling better than the ds did. So if anything, we should be seeing a revision around 1.8 years.

miyamoto2707d ago

here goes the salesmen again...

DarkBlood2707d ago

come on alexstone you did it too dont be a hypocrite

MasterCornholio2707d ago (Edited 2707d ago )

Isn't that cute that someone comes out to defend poor little Nintendo. Keep up the good work its nice to see someone with a place in their heart for Nintendo.

Getting tired of people picking on Nintendo. Sure they made some horrible mistakes in the past. But that doesn't make them an evil corporation.


ChickeyCantor2707d ago

And what are you aiming for exactly?
You were actually bashing Nintendo constantly.

Why the change of heart?
Is it the bubble count?

MasterCornholio2707d ago

Not at all. I lost a bubble because I complained about fanboys in a immature manner and I deserved the bubble drop . I don't bash Nintendo I criticize them heavily for any mistakes that they make. I do the same with the other company's.

For example I praised the devs of Arkham City for doing such a great job with the PS3 version but I criticized Bethesda for making a poor port on the PS3.

If it makes you feel any better I will now Critize Sony because I know your a big fan if Nintendo.

The problem that I see with the vita is that not all game carts can store saves on them. In my opinion it should be a standard feature with all carts. Also even though it matches the 3DS in terms of battery life it should be better. And lastly Sony is going to have a big problem with supplies at launch. If they want big sales at launch they have to step up with production.

Feel better?