The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is Near Perfection [Gaming Irresponsibly]

No other developer makes games quite like Bethesda. Whether you're talking about Morrowind, Oblivion, or Fallout 3, all recent Bethesda games have had several defining characteristics that persist to each new game. Each Bethesda game has huge open worlds, near limitless freedom, well written and interesting quests, and various bugs and glitches. All of these elements are present in Bethesda's newest game, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. However, each of these things has been vastly improved in this release, and I can safely say it is the best game Bethesda has ever made.

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Statix2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

Near perfection; like textures not loading, or slowdown when you play too long.

admiralthrawn872713d ago

numerous quest breaking glitches. thankfully i save quite often. lots of bugs. i also find most of the quests mundane, like basically fast travel somewhere, talk to someone, fast travel back, you win, and here's your crap reward (receives 100 gold and underpowered weapon)
or, go into boringly designed cave/dungeon, hack n' slash to the end, you win.

oh yeah and they bragged so much about the dynamic awesome snow, yet no footprints. n64/ps1 games left temporary footprints. also no real change of sound per surface while you walk.

farhad2k82713d ago

I wish fast travel wasn't in this game.. I hate games with fast travel.. I actually like the long journeys :(
You see cool things, and find cool things! lol
Any who, I like the game. :)

vickers5002713d ago

"or, go into boringly designed cave/dungeon, hack n' slash to the end, you win."

You mean like the majority of Demon/Dark Souls? Go further and further through a cave hacking and slashing, fight a boss, rinse and repeat, collect loot along the way. You have no problem with that in DS but you complain about it in Skyrim? At least Skyrim gives you a bigger reason than "save the world" to do those things, and different ways to approach each of those situations.

And what?!? No footprints in the snow? Well obviously that completely ruins everything about Skyrim. I don't know if I'll be able to even play it anymore because of that.

Too bad they focused more time on the unimportant things like having hundreds of quests, thousands of lines of dialogue, and tons of gameplay variety instead of the more important stuff they should have been doing, like focusing on footprint physics and different walking sounds. Too bad, as it could have been a really great game if not for those two massively important features.

NoobJobz2713d ago

@farhad2k8. No fast travel? The game would literally take forever without it. I love fast travel.

TheDivine2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

I agree somewhat. The quests are mostly repetitive but there are also alot of intersting quests. I LOVED the eye of magnus questlines, epic stuff. Its hard to make everything feel different when theres 100+ hours of quests, everything comes down to go here, get this, kill this exc. Exploring is when you find all the cool hidden stuff. They added more diverse environments compared to oblivion. Every cave and dungeon seems totally different and one end of the map is totally different than the other. I wish the main questline was longer and that it had some more fantasy areas (like shivering isles or crazy landscapes) but the amount of content is mind blowing. Its easy to say id like this or that but its pretty damn amazing and as perfect for 2011 as can get (minus the bugs).

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Jazz41082713d ago

No problems here you must be playing the ps3 version. People should learn from the past.

Starbucks_Fan2713d ago

Every time I see a 9.9 I want to kick the reviewer in the balls.

Rushing_Punch2713d ago

That bar at the bottom has some numerated metrics. At very least they scored things individually. I wonder why they didn't round up a tenth though.

Canary2713d ago

Better a 9.9/10 than anything out of a number other than 5 or 10 or 100.

I really want to punch (in the throat ~and~ face) every reviewer who chooses to score games out of 4. Or 6. Or 2. So bloody stupid.

Pikajew2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

If it is near perfection. Why do we always get articles saying how the game could have been better? I didn't see articles like that for games like Uncharted 3 or Portal 2.

If you can think of a bunch of ways a game can be better, it shouldn't be a 10/10

LOGICWINS2713d ago

"If it is near perfection. Why do we always get articles saying how the game could have been better?"

Maybe for THIS reviewer, the game is near perfect. And for OTHERS, its not. So OTHERS can write articles saying how the game could have been better.

Jacks_Medulla2713d ago

Get your Logic out of here.

SP3333D-O2713d ago

Maybe consoles just aren't up to the task. It looks stunning on my PC, especially on the big screen. After nearly 50 hours of play, there are still moments where the landscape, lighting, and weather take my breath away and battles with dragons that leave me saying "Holy %*#@, that was awesome!" This game, in my opinion, is the best to date ever made by anyone, not just Bethesda. I was not even a TES fan before Skyrim.

Chuk52713d ago

This game is ruining my life.

Grip2713d ago

i Literally got F in chemistry bucz of Skyrim

baodeus2713d ago

you should have think of the consequences before buying skyrim.

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