PS3 Launch Flashback

FEG: imfiveonethree wasn’t cool enough to buy a PS3 on the launch date but lucky for him I was, so here’s my story….

On November 15th my plan was simple, get out of work, call every store I could possibly think of, and get my ps3! I was aware of the shortage but that didn’t stop me...

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gypsygib2711d ago

What's so shocking about that is not only was it $600, but that people paid a 100 dollars more just for an extra 40 gigs.

My, times have indeed changed.

ThatArtGuy2711d ago

They also paid for the built-in wireless adapter.

boogey1572711d ago

And the Memory card slots was a 60gb exclusive with the silver chrome lining. Launch days are fun

Anon19742711d ago

I went with the 60GB at launch. Later I picked up a 40GB to use on the upstairs TV, mostly as a media player and a few smaller games. Used the 60GB downstairs as my main PS3 and later slapped in a 250GB drive.

Good times.

NoOoB1012711d ago

@ boogey157

The 80gb has the memory card and silver lining as well ;)

Skip_Bayless2711d ago

I still own my launch 20gb. I of course upgraded to 120gb on my own. It's a shame that more people did not buy the PS3. If the PS3 sold faster, just imagine what kind of games we would be playing. Games like Uncharted wouldn't be so out of the ordinary.

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XDF2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

All I can remembered from the E3 conference was Giant Enemy Crab, Hit its weak point for Massive Damage, and Ridddge Racer! I admit it though, I bought a 60 gig Fat version on Day one. Still have it today. That thing is a tank and it is backward compatible with PS2 games so I can't complain.

KingPin2711d ago

"That thing is a tank ..."

that my friend is the perfect description for the 60gig fat. i still have my one going strong. never experienced a single issue especially those you read about after firmware updates.

dcortz20272711d ago

Those were some good times! I couldn't find a PS3 anywhere for months after it launched. I bought mine in 2007, it was a fat 60 gig for $600. I remember playing and enjoying Resistance: Fall Of Man, COD4, and Warhawk.

kreate2711d ago

I just remember seeing a picture of a ps3 with sausages inside.