IGN: PS3 Five Years Later - The Good and the Bad

PS3 Five Years Later - The Good and the Bad

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DonaldBeck3237d ago

the highest point for me was when i plugged it in

the lowest part for me is when my 40 gb died 4 years later.

no worries, i got my 160 gb now.

darthv723237d ago

on the high point. Thankfully i havent had a low point yet. Unless you call paying twice for angry birds a low point. Damn rovio/chillingo!

FACTUAL evidence3237d ago

to me, the bad part of the ps3 is that we still don't have basic communication functions on psn......voice messaging is one.

Persistantthug3236d ago

Have you looked at your XMB and noticed that VOICE, VIDEO, and TEXT chat has been available for years?

How many times have you used it, out of curiosity?

darthv723236d ago

with a buddy of mine using phones and he had the PS eye on his ps3 and i used the live vision cam on mine.

Yup i used the xbox cam on my PS3. It is after all, a usb web cam.

dendenmooshi3237d ago (Edited 3237d ago )

Low point for me was the slow start of the PS3. And really, this was because of the high price and the games. I didn't have a problem with the games, it's just that none of them hit close to home for me. It all seemed like games were still trying to define "next-gen." Luckily, the PS3 had Blu-ray, which was a great advancement 5 years ago.

This small disinterest would continue for a while, but I still bought games because I knew the potential of the console. Which leads me to the all time high... Uncharted 2. It's kind of a short game, but the experience was worth more than the price tag. This was the "It" game for PS3. At least for me. It set the mark, it raised standards. It was what FF13 tried but failed miserably to be. A perfect narrative on an aspiring console. No other game can come close to it, and I'm proud to say that. I still frequently say that if you have a ps3, you MUST get uncharted 2.

5 years of PS3 have been good. I'm looking forward to the next 5.

GribbleGrunger3237d ago

funny how, on the eve of the PS3s fifth birthday, we had a lot of articles about how the 360 changed the industry and now, when the PS3s birthday is upon us, we have articles like this telling us the good and the 'BAD'.

OllieBoy3237d ago

That's the western media for you.

PS3 is the best selling console in the world, but you wouldn't know it because only the NPD matters here.

darthv723237d ago

the wii is the best selling current gen console. So neither one wins (ms/sony).

And it isnt just western media. It is subjective media in general. It has been some time sine there has been a good objective report of how things are. Good AND bad.

3237d ago
kikizoo3237d ago (Edited 3237d ago )

Only biased people can't see obvious bias. ;)

and yes, it's the best selling "current-gen" console in the world (wii is not in the same league, like ds or iphone), and the best hardware with more and best exclusives, motion controler, etc

by the way "move a mistake" : LOL, it's the best best motion controler, only biased people are searching dumb "bad" like this.

darthv723237d ago

you should point out that you are referring to "HD" console. My comment was more to the general point of current gen. It does not matter (to you maybe) what its technical qualifications are.

It has been released withing the same time frame as the 360 and ps3 and like it or not they are all after the same thing. The all mighty consumer $$$. For that, the wii is the current best selling console.

You can try and dispute those facts by changing how you classify things but they are what they are. No offense.

Boody-Bandit3237d ago (Edited 3237d ago )

Uh no DK286K it obvious bias. It has been proven hundreds of times over. You would have to be blind or plain ignorant not to see it. The western media nit picks Sony to death and has since this gen started.

On topic
The only down side for me with the PS3 is I was really hoping for more advanced PSN integrations, especially more voice options. But next gen will be here before you know it.

Where Sony just kills it is their in house studios. Far and away I had the most fun this generation with some of their exclusive titles like Uncharted, Infamous, LBP, Resistance, Heavy Rain, etc. The Uncharted series being my favorite of the bunch.

3237d ago
DigitalRaptor3237d ago (Edited 3237d ago )

@ DK286K

You do realise that this is first gen where the Internet has been a driver of information and resources for these consoles, and where an opinion can be spread like wildfire and it will be all over the web. The anonymity of the Internet means people can say whatever they want and remain an anonymous blog writer or a journalist hiding behind a corporate logo or trademark? People are not scared to show their bias on the Internet anymore and don't care if they become a bandwagon jumper.

Past generations of gaming never truly had this. Now consider this. It's pretty damn clear that the western media shows bias for basically, which ever console is in the spotlight. It's nothing to do with dominance since where is that shown? Online play? Exclusives? What? Certainly not sales. So the dominance argument is BS to begin with.

The western media have changed into something undesirable this generation because of the Internet, marketing and influences beyond market dominance. Heck, even journalists are writing flamebait on "professional" gaming media sites. So many articles that I see these days are geared towards fanboys, and written by fanboys themselves.

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DonaldBeck3237d ago ShowReplies(1)
darthv723237d ago

the articles were more about the original xbox and how it changed things. The "xbox brand" just turned 10 years old so yeah that makes sense as to why you would see those.

This is the birthday of the PS3. Had it been the birthday of the "playstation brand" then we would see lots of stories portraying its changes to the industry as well.

Dont perceive it out of context.

Ravenor3237d ago

The Xbox just turned 10 as a brand, why wouldn't there be articles?

Dawww it's the bias, the west doesn't like the PS3.

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WorldGamer3237d ago

Who is that child standing in the middle of the picture there?

GamerSciz3237d ago

So their bad is that it was $600 at launch (too expensive), PS Move was a mistake (Greg Miller called it...), and that having to sync trophies is an annoying setback.

Hm...well let's see.

1. $600 for PS3 with a Blu-ray that time Stand-alone blu-ray players cost upwards of $1000 at launch. So PS3 was the better buy. Plus, it plays games.

2. PS Move is a niche market and you aren't forced to buy one. Only a select few games make you use it but again it's a niche market so who cares. If you like it great, if not then don't buy it. Simple.

3. Syncing trophies...well now with PS+ my PS3 turns on at 3am every morning and syncs all of my trophies and updates any game or system update I need. So that solves that issue. If you don't have PS+ then still the time it takes to sync has gotten much faster then it was with updates.

In other words, nitpicking much?

darthv723237d ago

however, standalone players were cheaper. not by much but it was the extra abilities of the ps3 (web browser, games, hdd) that sony was trying to capitalize on during its launch.

It was the competition between hddvd and bluray that caused the prices of players to drop considerably faster while leaving the ps3 to remain pricier than other brands. Even sony themselves had a cheaper standalone unit.

Blacktric3237d ago (Edited 3237d ago )

Agreed with 2 but 1-3 cannot be excused. Ever. 600 dollars launch price was a disaster considering the launch titles and the promises they made and trophy syncing shouldn't even be there at all. Just like Xbox 360, it should be done at the background. Not to mention stuff they just started admitting like how cross game chat is not possible after people asked for it for 3 years. PS3 is a great console but just like everything else, it has its faults and there's no need to act like they're not such a big deal when they actually are to some or most...

BrutallyBlunt3237d ago (Edited 3237d ago )


The only one nitpicking is you. We don't need people to counter IGN's reasons or anyone else's. It's an opinion piece, that's it. Jesus, are we that loyal to brands where we must defend any criticisms? This is their view and they want your view.

1. The price was a HUGE issue to many. That's not nitpicking, it's reality. Did everyone who wanted to transform from playing games on the Playstation 2 to the Playstation 3 expect a whopping $600 price tage? No they did not. Did Sony offer a game platform without Bluray? No they did not.

2. Saying Move was a lowpoint also isn't nitpicking. It's part of the 5 year lifespan and is very relevant to those 5 years. It's not nitpicking.

3. Why are you defending the Trophy syncing issue? You talk about your 3 a.m. wake-up call as a counter? Seriously?

This topic is about your highest and lowest points yet you and others can't even do that. How sad. Instead once again the diehards come out to save Sony and the Playstation 3 from being mistreated.

My highs, the overall value the system represents. From free online play to Bluray support to a diverse library of exclusive content.

The lows, mainly PSN and how one can easily see that it was an afterthought. Yes it has improved but it still feels like an outside app. at times.

Now what, I'm nitpicking too?

Ravenor3237d ago

You're a monster. Poor PS3, wont you spare it's plastic heart?

Seriously though, IGN's lows aren't terribly offensive or unfounded. The Price was way to high, the Move doesn't make for a instantly better play experience in any way, and I never had an issue with manually syncing my trophies but wouldn't have complained about some AUTOMATIC INSTANT syncs.

Wintersun6163236d ago

My highest point was when I plugged it in and got myself a sweet slice of that MGS4 pie. Nothing gaming related has come even close since then.