Skyrim: Show us your Dragonborn (and we’ll show you ours)

PC Gamer is loving Skyrim, we’re all talking about it every day in the office, and one of the most interesting things about it is just how different all our characters are. So, in the interests of sharing, we’ve brought you pictures of all our Dragonborn heroes to take a look at. Each one is different, both in looks and approach, so take a look to see just how much variety is on offer.

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SuperK3593d ago

I hate the fact im at work looking at N4G itching to get home and play this. Its cool to see other peoples characters though :)

scotchmouth3593d ago

I'm in the same boat. Browsing n4g to kill time on a slow day thinking about what steps I'll take next to acquire more gold and really buff out my weapons.

Can't wait to get home!