Current Japanese Best Sellers: Updated

01. Dragon Quest IV (DS) - 597,000 / New
02. World Soccer Winning Eleven 2008 (PS2) - 294,000 / New
03. World Soccer Winning Eleven 2008 (PS3) - 141,000 / New
04. Mario Party DS (DS) - 110,000 / 460,000
05. Final Fantasy XI: Wings of the Goddess (PS2) - 68,000 / New
06. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games (Wii) - 63,000 / New
07. Kodai Ouja: Kyouryuu King 7-tsu no Kakera(DS) - 57,000 / New
08. Mega Man Star Force 2: Berserk × Shinobi (DS) - 37,000 / New
09. Mega Man Star Force 2: Berserk × Dinosaur (DS) - 37,000 / New
10. Pachitte Chonmage Tatsujin 13: Pachinko Hissatsu Shigotojin III (PS2) - 36,000 / New
11. Super Mario Galaxy (Wii)
12. Wantame Music Channel: Doko Demo Style (DS)
13. Shin Sangoku Musou 5 (PS3)
14. Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles (Wii)
15. Wii Sports (Wii)
16. Pro Yakyuu Famista DS (DS)
17. Wii Play (Wii)
18. World Soccer Winning Eleven 2008 (Xbox 360)
19. Mario Party 8 (Wii)
20. My Housekeeping Diary (DS)
21. Flash Focus: Vision Training in Minutes a Day (DS)
22. Pokémon Mysterious Dungeon: Time Expedition Party (DS)
23. Mario Kart DS (DS)
24. Taiko Drum Master DS (DS)
25. Final Fantasy Tactics A2 (DS)
26. Final Fantasy XI: Wings of the Goddess (Xbox 360)
27. DS Nishimura Kyotaro Suspense Shin Tantei Series: Kyoto Atami Zekkai no Kotou - Satsui no Wana (DS)
28. New Super Mario Bros. (DS)
29. Pokémon Mysterious Dungeon: Shadow Expedition Party (DS)
30. DS Bungaku Zenshuu (DS)

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solar5777d ago

man what is the fascination with hand helds in japan? jebus!

Jamaicangmr5777d ago

I wish i knew the answer my damn self.

Skerj5777d ago

Hah even with the issues, Winning Eleven is still winning on PS3 in Japan at least. I guess that means they might actually go back to being exclusive the next go round.

HarryEtTubMan5776d ago

haha sUPER mARIO gALAXY ISNT EVEN IN THE TOP 10.... Where's Maestro? Notice u haven't seen him trolling lately.

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Unity Announces Revised Pricing Policy Following Massive Backlash From Developers

Today Unity revealed a rather radical change to the new pricing policy announced a while ago, following the massive backlash from many of its developers and the wider gaming industry.

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Vengeance113819h ago

Too little, too late, you're dead. Trust is gone and not coming back.

MWH3h ago

It's ugly, but I think they deserve a second chance only because they, at least, admitted they took a wrong turn, and they want to straighten things up. unlike for example, Nvidia.

Remember, competition is good for the consumers. we don't want them to go out of business, but to do things fairly.

bunt-custardly1h ago(Edited 1h ago)

It's only a matter of time until something else disagreeable becomes policy. The stage has been set. Stone has been cast. Can't rewind time like you can in their game engine.

savedsynner49m ago

Not sure why the downvotes...probably people who have 0 dev experience(or socialists lol). Competition is essentially for quality products.

KwietStorm_BLM24m ago

Get out of here being logical and level headed on the internet. You can only spread hatred and be obstinate with zero exceptions. Obviously nobody being overly dramatic and critical has ever made a mistake. Otherwise they wouldn't be so quick to place permanent judgement on anyone....

savedsynner50m ago

Eh, they are a HUGE game dev engine. Def not dead but massive PR blunder.

ABizzel129m ago(Edited 27m ago)

It’s definitely not too little too late. Companies have been making crazy decisions this entire generation and people have moved right past it.

PS5 Price Hike, XBL Gold doubling in price, Series Price Hike, Games going for $70, etc…. It’s in the news and media for a month or two, then the vast majority of people and gamers don’t care anymore as they move on to the next news topic. Meanwhile, those who games using the Engine are the ones who have to actually do the communicating and work to make sure the solution is fair and balanced for all parties and so they can continue their work. If there is no resolve for all parties after this then there’s no coming back.

What they did do is give Unreal Engine 5 an unneeded advantage over them which was the most ignorant thing they could have done.

shinoff218318h ago

Pretty much. Any devs future games should not start on unity. They've shown their cards like ms with the original Xbox one reveal.

XiNatsuDragnel16h ago(Edited 16h ago)

Too late you guys just loss so hard imo.

Kaii14h ago

You shot your credibility, and wtfudge are you using 7,700 employees 4?


staticall6h ago

First, they've removed Terms of Service from github, just 'cuz, so no more transparency (is there a new version? What changed? Read ToS every week with a lawyer to be safe), the trust is broken.
Then, they also started requiring 3 day online check ups. And they also increased the price of the subscriptions, 'cause why not?!
After that, they introduce those ridiculous runtime fees. And after developers started to revolt, what they do? They didn't back down, instead they tried to move some numbers around to make it "easier to understand and accept". And keep in mind, if you install a game, that's +1 install. But if you uninstall and reinstall right away, that's another +1 install. This can be exploited and probably will be. And it's applied to your every developed game, not just newely created ones.

Say "thanks" to your new EA exec and it's "great" ideas (yes, "it's"; don't this it has a soul or anything human anymore), this company can't and shouldn't be trusted anymore, by anyone. They became too greedy and will now try to slowly screw you over. This is not some one small misstep, this is a calculated plan. They deserve what they're getting.

And this is happening when Unreal Engine will start taking money from you after you've earned $1.000.000 in a year (and if they change ToS and you disagree with it, you can continue using your current version without any extra strings attached). And you also have free Godot, O3DE and others.

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Cyberpunk 2077 Creepy Family Photo Stealthily Fixed in Update 2.0

CD Projekt RED has sneakily fixed that jarring Cyberpunk 2077 creepy family photo as part of the big Update 2.0 roll out.


Super Mario 64 Speedrunners Have Figured Out How To Do Carpetless Trick

A huge Super Mario 64 speedrun trick has been discovered that could prove to wholly change the speedrunning scene in the ecosystem.