Alan Kertz Reponds to Battlefield 3 Getting Snubbed in VGA Awards for Best Graphics

It must have come to a shock to the developers and fans of Battlefield 3 when Spike TV announced the nominees for the VGA Awards Best Graphics and BF3 was missing. The game has garnered much attention for it's new Frostbite 2 game engine, which I think we can all agree looks simply marvelous.

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DemonStration2527d ago

I think there are bigger problems with the VGAs

StraightPath2527d ago

When did people take VGA seriously? last year VGA was a joke of a award show.

lifesanrpg2527d ago

I'd really like to sit down with the panel that nominated the games and ask why they left BF3 off. How can you not say its one of the best graphical games? It's probably one of the best this generation has seen.

flyinrhyno2527d ago

lets be honest battlefields graphics arent great and nowhere near uc3 so its no suprise it wasnt nominated. I know fans of the series wanted it nominated for everything even the noble peace prize but once again ea/dice fall short despite their best efforts at the mudslinging campaign they tried to launch against mw3

Kahvipannu2527d ago

Yeah, that's just... unbelievable. BF3 on PC is the best looking game currently, and most impressive engine todate.

Visual style is one thing you can argue about, but not how impressive the graphics are.

lifesanrpg2527d ago

I'm actually most surprised by RAGE on there...i know it was "said" to be a great looking game but I was less than impressed when I played it...did they see the textures up close?

Christopher2527d ago

On the console, they were great. A technical breakthrough on iD's part that unfortunately needed some better writers.

torchic2527d ago

how do you have so many bubbles? i want one!

Kahvipannu2527d ago

Yes, I agree that it looks phenomenal for a console-game, but that's no reason to overlook PC games..

Fishy Fingers2527d ago

Only reason I can see is if they snubbed it because it's the PC version setting the benchmark. But either way, VGA's are rarely inline with 'gamers' opinions.

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The story is too old to be commented.