LittleBigPlanet Beta Due This Year? heard sneaky rumours that although the Killzone 2 beta has now slipped to early next year, official beta testers can look forward to something a little bit special in the form of a Little Big Planet beta. It looks like it'll be another closed affair.

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Shadow Flare5050d ago

Probably, the best beta to ever be released ever, my pants are exploding, i am wetting myself so much with excitement. I mean the seams of my jeans are literally unraveling themselves, the excitement is too much to handle

Bring on LittleBigPlanet already, i have too many level ideas right now and they need to be put into practice in the game

Shadow Flare5050d ago

That's hilarious John Merrick. I just happen to be really looking forward to this game cos the creative possibilties are endless. This is easily my most anticipated game, im not the only one really looking forward to this

Relcom5050d ago

I'd hope that we could use the level we make from the beta on the game when it comes out too. *wishful thinking*

Shadow Flare5050d ago

...well yeah of course. Why wouldn't you be allowed to do that? It gets saved on your hard-drive, all your level creations. And besides that, apparently the best levels created in the beta will be included in the final retail version

Relcom5050d ago

I didn't know that. I hope i get in this beta i have a great idea for a level

name5050d ago

I won't get picked for the beta anyway. :( *tear*

picker3325050d ago (Edited 5050d ago )

When is this damn game released,This game begins to be old.
it was The first ps3 game i saw on the ps3.

techie5050d ago

It was!? It's like one of the newest PS3 games that has been announced lol...

mighty_douche5050d ago

f*ck sake... *sigh*

oh well, at least when it drops its gonna be massive, no other console game can compete with this games "freedom".

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The story is too old to be commented.