PS3 gamers dont care about Blu-ray movies

"How many blu-ray movies do you own?" was the question, and more than 900 users voted on .

The results show that PS3 owners are not big blu-ray fans.

None: 26.2%
1: 21%
2-3: 20.8%
4-6: 14.5%
11+: 12%
7-10: 5.4%

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PS360WII4888d ago

So the 26% that do not own a blueray movie count as the majority of PS3 owners? I see that the majority of PS3 owners are buying Blueray movies.

Agente474888d ago

No, what counts as the majority is the 70% that own 3 or less blu-ray movies.

When you consider that some PS3 packs came with at least 1 movie, that means these guys are buying close to nothing in blu-ray movies.

I own 1 blu-ray movie, that Sony sent me for free when I bought the PS3.

How many DVDs do you own?....

PS360WII4888d ago (Edited 4888d ago )

BlueRays? I own around 8 myself. I have 9 HD-DVD's, hundreds of DVD's and way to many VHS tapes.

jiggyjay4887d ago

that's why the blu ray only outsells hd dvd 2-1 in software sales when blu ray outnumbers hd dvd players 6-1!

kaomakk4887d ago

This survey doesn't mean 3/8s of f*ck all. My first PS2 was also my first dvd player and I never bought any DVD's, apparently because I wasn't "into" them.

deeznuts4887d ago

I am a PS3 owner, and I love Blu-Ray movies and PS3 games. I own none of each. I rent everything from Gamefly and Netflix.

The conclusion of this poll is flawed. I care very much about those two, yet own none.

Kholinar4887d ago

"I own none of each. I rent everything from Gamefly and Netflix"

That's valid. It's very possible to care and not buy.

From the viewpoint of the industry, however, you don't care.

2Negativecool4887d ago

I don't understand why some of you f***wad PS3 fanboys get angry about this. This is a GOOD THING!

Why, your limited intellect questions? Because this proves to the HD DVD camp that they are getting their @$$es handed to them from stand alone blu ray players only, NOT the millions of PS3's out there. This gives strength to the blu ray camp because HD DVD's argument all along has been "well take away the PS3 and we'd be even Steven." This proves that argument is bull.
Down with HD DVD.

Kholinar4887d ago

ummm... no.

It means that HD-DVD would be a memory if ps3 owners bought 3-4 disks per system.

30% buy 4 or more. That's 2 million that have a strong attach rate with their player. That's also 3 times as many players as hd-dvd. Yet the sales figures are not much more than 2 to 1.

It means that attach rates are generally low across the board. But it doesn't take this study to let anyone know that. Just the 2 to 1 sales rate is an easy indicator.

The Brave 14887d ago

This is all web propaganda.If PS3 owners are not buying blu ray movies then where are all the Disks sales coming from?Last time i checked blu ray has 70 percent of the market.Blu ray players are selling well but not as well as Sony(panasonic,samsung etc.)would like them 2.This all points to the fact that the PS3 is carrying the market.The PS3 is exactly what Sony said it would be and then some.It is a Trojan Horse.

hazeblaze4887d ago

Not to criticize you... but you do know that you are contributing to the failure of both formats. Particularly the games. Less games sold means less developer support which less of the games that we bought our PS3's for. Considering how great Ratchet & Clank was... it's sad that it sold so few copies. Same for Heavenly Sword actually.

FlamePhoenix4887d ago

Did you know that about 30% of people don't have an HD tv? That's probably why.

MikeGdaGod4887d ago

and it was the one that came free in the box with it (Talladega Nights).

i rent the rest and buy the ones i really like on dvd. ps3 upscales them anyway.

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MaximusPrime_4888d ago

what a stupid news.

do we really care? no.

btw i have bluray movies and am too enjoying watching them.

ruibing4887d ago

Agreed. Anyone who took statistics would tell you that 900 is not a good sample pool for 6 million.

Kholinar4887d ago

Actually it's not too bad. 3.33% margin of error. It's not that hard really because we're only talking about ps3 owners here. If we were talking about Americans in general you'd need much bigger numbers because you'd have a lot more demographics to poll and thus need larger sample sizes for each.

600-1600 is fine for a group like this... it also fits the overall BR attach rate.

GrizAdams4887d ago


The biggest flaw is that Agente47 made up such a ridiculous title.

But to entertain your comment... is almost certainly not an accurate representation of the overall PS3 community. These results are not generalizable in the form of Agente47's title; the sample size means very little.

mikeslemonade4887d ago

I don't own any and because I use Netflix. You know there's atleast 5 percent of PS3 owners who atleast rent blu-rays.

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360sucks4888d ago (Edited 4888d ago )

im 1 who dont care about Blu-ray movies
but i picked up 15 Blu-ray movies anyway
so it dont hunt 2 have it

skyline20034888d ago

I just think 34.99 is a bit steep for a movie that i paid 9.75 to see in the theater.

blusoops4887d ago

that's why I order mine on Amazon for $23 for most new shipping charges or tax.

Seraphim4887d ago

exactly... if you're paying more than $24 for Blu Ray or HD-DVD you are being ripped off. and Walmart have some excellent selections and all for a fairly reasonable-reasonable price. The way I look at it is that if I can get a movie on Blu Ray for about $5 more than I'd pay for it on DVD it's a great deal... And $24 is only for new/er releases. A few are $27 but most new/er releases are only $24. Most other titles are about $15-20 which is still steep for some but not a bad price at all...

as pointed out. A pool of 900 isn't good for this poll, and proves nothing when talking about PS3 owners as a whole...

Personally I own 10 titles and I rarely ever buy any movies. I'm not a big movie buff and the only titles I buy are those that I love and feel worthy of adding to my collection. 10 movies in a year is probably the most I've ever bought or close to it. I for one do care about Blu Ray, but it's not often that a movie interests me enough to buy it...

btw: this is not including the free Blu Ray I got for buying my 60 GB [Tallega Nights] which I don't even consider part of my collection...

hfaze4887d ago

Amazon rocks for getting good prices on Blu-Ray movies... I've only paid over $19.99 for four of my movies...

Keep in mind that I only own 10 movies on DVD... I mostly rented DVD movies other than the very select few that I knew I would watch a few times...

Then again, I'm one of those people that thought that Mini-Disc was great (best format to use in the car... the encased discs were virtually indestructible and re-record able, along with the anti-skip buffer which made it GREAT if you had booming system in your car)