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Xbox 360 vs. PS3 Face-Off

Eurogamer writes:

"Eurogamer is back for its latest tour of duty at the frontline of the console war with this new instalment in our series of PS3 vs Xbox 360 cross-platform face-offs. We take an impartial look at a range of games that appear on both consoles, providing additional comment to the reviews already published on the site. Technical differences are highlighted, with any impact on the basic gameplay being of primary concern.

As usual, backing up the analysis is a range of comparison screenshots of each game, losslessly extracted with full 24-bit RGB precision from the HDMI ports of the Xbox 360 Elite and PlayStation 3 courtesy of a Digital Foundry HD capture unit. 720p shots are provided as standard for all games, but where the PS3 version supports 1080p (either scaled or native), we supply additional 'True HD' screengrabs to compare the games' respective performance for those privileged enough to have access to top-end displays.

We've got an intriguing range of titles in the line-up this time around, including two of the biggest releases of recent times."

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Zhuk4073d ago

Zhuk's Summary:

The Xbox 360 continues to prove that it is the most powerful gaming machine this generation, with all games looking and playing better on the Xbox 360. Combine this with the award winning Xbox Live service and the innovative achievements system, there is no reason not to Jump In these holidays.

Dont "P L A Y B 3 H I N D" with inferior games with inferior graphics and features, it is time to truly experience next generation titles in all their glory with the Xbox 360

360sucks4073d ago (Edited 4073d ago )

lagXbox360 most powerful gaming machine this generation
thats the best joke this generation
(reply)first madden wasn't the football game out this year
no Uncharted issues
you cant a even get on the internet with the 360
even the wii you can get online
stop asking your moms for money
get a job bum

iceice1234073d ago (Edited 4073d ago )

How's madden running for you, 30fps how is that? How about Assassins Creed, what is this framerate issues? Hmmm, how about Uncharted issues? Lair perhaps, screen tearing, texture pops, freeze ups etc. That "lag box" is far superior to your wanna be game console.

Aww 360sucks, can't think of anything to say because the truth hurts :'(. You even had to go off topic, how cute. Really shows how much the console and its fanbase fail at everything.

paul_war4073d ago

I stopped reading after "Zhuk's Summary:"

peksi4073d ago

Instead of your sales speech you could have actually read the article and watched the pictures. Your response must have been here in one minute.

rubarb234073d ago

can disagree with what zhuk or any 360 owner for that matter says, but face it girls, 360 pwns ps3. since so many of you ps3 droids are always asking for proof, look no further than the comparisons. time after time the 360 is beating you like a jealous husband.
i think the problem here is you were all promised so much by the jerkoffs at sony and what you got instead was a piece of crap. sony droids aren't used to being anything but # 1. that's why it's so hard to accept that trash you have in your living room sucks. you all keep telling each other the payoff is coming and thus far it hasn't. now what's your new motto "wait til 2008", OMG, lol, ok we'll wait for you guys in 2008 and you know what's going to happy? your POS3 is going to get smacked up again and again and again and what's that?....AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN.
then, your all going to start your new motto "wait til 2009" - YAWN!!!!!!! what ever, keep waiting, enjoy your wait.

ravinash4073d ago

Its very rear that he says anything to contributes to the conversation.
There is a term we call people like that from where I come starts with S and ends with stirrer.

Psynapt1k4073d ago

Oh it is Zhuk AGAIN! WOW yup there it is again! BlaH Blah XBOX360 Blah BLAH BLAH blah - his bowels have been working overtime!

HarryEtTubMan4072d ago


360Crusader4072d ago

Jeez wonder why you only got one bubble?

FF7numba14072d ago

lol wait till 09. Most likely thats when the new xbox comes and you xbots will be milked again.

Seriously why would you buy crap hardware knowing that company has a history of abandoning their consoles. You know when ps3 starting gaining on xbox 360 M$ is gonna drop it and ask you guys buy the new one.You guys ready for the xbox 720?

xbots must be made of money.

Real Gambler4072d ago (Edited 4072d ago )

Out of 8 games, only two were not made by EA and THQ. (Let's make games for the 360 first, then port them as good as we can on the PS3). And since they made twice as many titles for the 360, so far, than the PS3, it's already amazing that most of those lousy ports look almost as good as the original 360 titles.

The last two titles are holding their ground quite nicely, again, even if those two devs have been making games for the 360 longer.

Now, here's what's I'm expecting...

Guess 1:
EA saw a higher % PS3 owners buying a very bad version of Madden 08 than the 360 version. I'm guessing they will do better ports from now on, seing a better attach rate on a lousier port.

Guess 2:
THQ is definitively not a bad company, but it's smaller. Now they are used to the dev kit. The one year head start gap will also get narrower and narrower.

Guess 3: After one year, Activision and Ubisoft are already doing awesome in my book. Both are big and can afford to have divisions working on each consoles rather than making lousy port. Again, the one year learning gap is now over. Next time, you'll need a microscope to spot the differences.

Guess 4: Over 110 millions PS2 consoles sold and only over 25 millions nextgen consoles sold total so far (Wii, 360 and PS3). Over 85 millions waiting in the background, and awesome games coming out on all consoles... But they already own a Sony console... Hmmm, buying a 80 gig PS3, or buying another brand... Sure some will do, but out of those 85 millions, how many will buy a PS3 if games from third party are at least as good as the other console, but first party games blow their mind?...

Bubble Buddy4072d ago

zzz unless ure God, noone can say who wins the console war.

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P4KY B4073d ago (Edited 4073d ago )

I predict at least 20 comments that list all PS3 games coming out next year.

to mikeslemonade
Prove the PS3 is only using 40-50% while the 360 uses 90%. You can't. Your so called evidence is pure Sony propaganda which you swallow.

Wake up! Sony tell lies to get you to part with your money.

mikeslemonade4073d ago

The NBA picture comparison is wrong unless they labeled the PS3 version as the 360 version or vice versa. In the screenshot the PS3 version looks better with better lighting off Nesterovic's jersey and more sweat. And more detailed muscle tone and veins.

It's also easy to say that the 360 is winning now when 90% of the system's hardware is being utilized vs the PS3 which is using 40-50% max. COD4 is a even match between the two, but the thing is the PS3 is using max 50% of the capabilities. Until there's a game that uses 90% on the PS3's capabilities this comparison shouldn't be done. Also every time a developer makes a good game for the PS3 they're going to network with other developers and give them tips too.

eleaz144073d ago

sony tell lies to get my money, you couldn't be more sarcastic?

lets see what you pay for 360 faboy ;)

You pay for Xbl(which is only slightly better then psn)
you pay for themes(we get them for free and can create our own)
you pay for WiFi (it's included with the ps3)
you pay for HD format (it's included with the ps3)
you pay for console repairs (lots of people have no clue there is a 3 year warranty)
you pay for Hdmi (it's included with the ps3)
the list goes on on....

SlippyMadFrog4072d ago

Wow, and you didn't pay for those things when you bought a PS3? Sony is great!

TheMART4073d ago

Short summary is the lines at the end about Assassins Creed:

"In short then, one word sums it up for me: gutted. Despite its undeniable array of shortcomings, Assassin's Creed is definitely in my top ten titles of the year, a testament to the sheer ambition of developers today and a tantalising glimpse at the technical possibilities of the games of tomorrow. The fact that this ambition doesn't extend to offering the same quality experience to PlayStation 3 owners is bitterly disappointing."

Which will do for all the cross platform games in general.

360sucks4073d ago (Edited 4073d ago )

when Assassin's Creed is in your top
that when your getting desperate for games

Killjoy30004073d ago

haha YOUR SUCH A do realize that ever since cod4 every crossplatform game has been the same as the 360 or perhaps even better in some cases right/oh yeah and you know whats funny?xbox has been out for 2 years and ps3 out for 1 lol stupid xbots will never get it.

Double-Edged4073d ago

get ready for some...

A: List of PS3 games for NEXT year

B: "selling well even without games"

C: It's AAA+ in my opinion, screw reviews

D: EA sucks, Capcom sucks, Valve Sucks

iceice1234073d ago

E. Lair is better than anything on ur console.

REbirth4073d ago

you forgot the RROD...and to say that
E: sites like gamespot, ign, 1up were bought by M$!

360Crusader4072d ago (Edited 4072d ago )

... RROD and it still sells good.

FF7numba14072d ago (Edited 4072d ago )

1.Its a fact that sony line crushes xbox 08 line up as of right now.
2.Most of EA does suck balls
3.RRod is really crippling the 360s image. RROD= aids for xbox consoles

Bubble Buddy4072d ago

does ms count as selling a 360 if it was broken and repaired? cause if they did...

360Crusader4072d ago

Better 08 line up you say? How can you say that Sony may have tipped it's future hand. But MS did not. So sorry we'll see in 08 who has the better line up. Till then speculate all you want.
And as far as EA sucking we'll see what people are saying once Army of Two comes out. Love and Hate 2 sides of the same coin.

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Alvadr4073d ago

Its a shame other 3rd party devs cant give the PS3 the same amount of love as Infinity Ward did.