How The Black Eyed Peas Sum Up Kinect’s Failings

NAGF: "I’m writing this because I was sorely tempted to buy Kinect at the weekend. I opted against it though, citing nothing on the shelves I wanted to play and the terrible Microsoft showing at E3 this year. The latter swayed me more than the former. There doesn’t seem to be any real appetite to take the platform forward in a gaming sense, with developers unsure of how to utilise the medium to seriously whet gamers’ appetites.

"My evidence? An advert’s just been on TV for The Black Eyed Peas Experience. The spot for Ubisoft’s repackaging of Dance Central, with added phunk, ended with the announcement “for Xbox Kinect and Wii”. And with those words my decision to steer clear of shelling out over a hundred beans for Kinect was entirely vindicated."

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FlashXIII2897d ago

It's sad because it's true. Looking at the kinect games that I've seen from demos at E3 to video reviews from well known websites, the most interesting game that has any appeal to me is Dance Central and when a guy who only dances when drunk in night clubs says a dancing game is the best game for your sort of new platform... well you have serious problems purely from a gaming perspective.

It saddens me to see Sony's move not doing as well as Kinect as while I'm by no means a fanboy for any console, I have to take my hat off and praise Sony for sticking by it's fanbase and trying to offer something of interest to real gamers by adding full motion control support for all their big exclusives.

NotAGF2897d ago

I bought Move the other day because it was £20 online, and it's already sat at the bottom of my drawer! I might play Heavy Rain with it at a later date, but other than that - again - options seem severely limited other than, possibly, House of the Dead: Overkill...

Hicken2897d ago

So.. no Killzone, inFamous, Resistance 3, Socom 4? No Child of Eden?

FlashXIII2897d ago

What Hicken said tbh in terms of games that are move compatible. You can also get the gun attachment for it and use that for a more immersive fps motion control experience.

Where did you get move for £20 btw? Was that the whole move package? I'd be interested in this deal myself.

KingME2897d ago

haha, I guess a pathetic article deserves a pathetic comment. Way to not disappoint FlashXIII.

Did you also the article?

FlashXIII2897d ago

Obvious troll is obvious? What is pathetic about it? Everything said in the article pretty much echoes my exact feelings towards Kinect from a gamers perspective.

KingPin2897d ago

i take it queenME over there got a kinect Day 1 thinking this is gonna last him a good 4 years at least. must hurt him when an article like this comes along showing him what the truth is.

the fact that you got 6 agrees against 2 disagrees <at the time of commenting> just shows you said what others were thinking.

KingME2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

So let me get this straight "FAGPIN" because you agree with it (no because you're a fanboy or anything.) that makes it true.

I have seen boatloads of BS agreed with on this site. Haha, you make it sound like there are a bunch of level headed objective people on this site and when the majority agrees it actually means something.

My mistake wasn't getting Kinect day 1, it was getting Move day 1.

ARBitrator2896d ago

Well said Kingme, I know exactly what you


simonm2897d ago

I was very excited about this but I've not found a reason to buy it as of yet. Maybe the ultimate fighting game for fitness but that's just a glorified p90x

cstyle2896d ago

Its not a failing on kinect its a failing on the developer. Kinect If you're not interested then why even write a stupid article on it.

2896d ago