Skyward Sword Stunning PC Screenshots Surface

GR - "Some fans of Zelda may have spurned Nintendo by refusing to get the Nintendo Wii, but their love of the franchise hasn't stopped them from playing the game through other means."

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Apocwhen3233d ago

Wow, really makes me wish the Wii could do HD

ATi_Elite3232d ago

it can if you play it on your PC.

ssb31733229d ago

Agreed, lets just hope that the wii u upscales games

pctrollv43232d ago

that actually looks stunning...imma buy my wii mote and motion plus tom and use it on my pc and odlphin...cant wait

Apocwhen3232d ago

Does WM+ work for Dolphin?

Gazondaily3231d ago

IF it does I'm buying it for my PC!!

gypsygib3232d ago

I really hope Wii U improves Wii games graphics, that would be awesome.

I love bright colourful graphics, it makes wonder why this gen has been so grey and brown - especially when you consider that consoles can do comic-like graphics a lot better than realistic ones.

ssb31733229d ago

I hope that it upscales wii games too, the hd version loks amazing

swice3229d ago

Wow...that looks really good. I'm curious now. I'll buy the game first.