Rumour: GTA V Release Date Leaked

With several retailers listing different release dates for Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V, it’s hard to get a realistic place holder date or launch period for the forthcoming installment in the franchise. However, a more established retailer has now listed a possible release date for GTA V.

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TheBeast2529d ago

I just want this bloody game >.>

BitbyDeath2529d ago

Agreed, i have a feeling they have learn't their lesson with IV.

I'm expecting this to be vastly improved like Skyrim was to Oblivion.

rabidpancakeburglar2529d ago

Learnt would still be right if he hadn't put in that apostrophe. Learned of course is also correct.

BitbyDeath2529d ago

Sorry, i'd edit it but I do not have that feature anymore...

gta28002529d ago

I want this game ASAP too...but considering all the hype the trailer alone has generated I'm not going to believe any more rumors on this game...or at least considering the fact that a lot of rumors have been debunked. Just feel like people are taking advantage of the hype and making up shit just cause they know GTA V rumors are gonna get lots of attention.

Perjoss2528d ago

"i have a feeling they have learn't their lesson with IV"

Yeah, IV being one of the highest rated games of all time, what failure.

BitbyDeath2528d ago (Edited 2528d ago )

"Yeah, IV being one of the highest rated games of all time, what failure."

You gotta stop paying attention to reviews and start listening to what the majority of people are saying about it, sure it wasn't as bad as FFXIII but it was still a massive step down from San Andreas.

It was smaller, had less vehicles, no bikes, no gangs, poor characters (granted being subjective), poor story (also subjective).

But overall the game was just less from SA and added in a whole heap of really bad features. Like the phone, bowling, dating, getting drunk, flying out of your car whenever you hit something. etc

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AEtherbane2529d ago

So the release tentative release date before the game is delayed was leaked? Wow...

Thrungus2529d ago

No way is this game coming out in 2012. Rockstar run atleast 12 months of ads before a game release (like gta iv).

April 2013 here we come.

DeleteThisxx2529d ago

Yeah, Rockstar rarely, if ever, releases two games within the same year. 2012 will be dedicated to Max Payne 3 and GTAV will be the big game from Rockstar in 2013.. Most likely. I'll happily eat my words if I'm wrong.

hennessey862529d ago

we may never get another game again so i hop they release it before then just incase

scotchmouth2529d ago (Edited 2529d ago )

. changed mind

kingdavid2529d ago

A general rule of thumb with rockstar games is that they will normally release a year after the first trailer is shown.

BattleTorn2529d ago

Nope. Take Two has already made a prediction of a $2.00 stock increase in their 2012 fiscal year. (which would be over by April 2013)

This tends to the notion of a 2012 release, and as early as summer 2012.

June would be awsome, but Sept-Nov seem more likely.

Rampaged Death2529d ago

2013 ? No chance in hell. I definitely see this coming out in 2012.

MariaHelFutura2529d ago

Actually, GTA games come out approx 6-8 months after the reveal trailer. They're good at keeping quiet....

MrBeatdown2529d ago

You know that GTA4 was delayed six months, right? Rockstar was originally planning to release the game in October, about six months after the first trailer.


LA Noire
First trailer - November 2010
Release date - May 2011
Difference - Seven months

Max Payne 3
First trailer - September 2011
Release date - March 2012
Difference - Seven months

Seven months from GTAV's first trailer is May. Right in the same timeframe that GTA4, RDR, and LA Noire did so well in. I doubt that's a coincidence.

Wintersun6162529d ago

Let's hope they don't break that habit of releasing ~6-7 months after the first trailer.

RedDevils2529d ago (Edited 2529d ago )

It's a typo, they meant 2013

SlickShoes2528d ago

You are correct, if it hits 2012 it will be late 2012, they are only now doing interviews for 1 year long QA Tester contracts, they do this every time and the testers usually work for 12-18 months. If they are only just now hiring then there is very little chance of a 2012 release date.

The current QA team is about 40 strong they will be increasing this to about double the size.

solidt122527d ago

Yep and they already started advertising it so what does that tell you. I expect it to come out sometime after E3 2012 in 2012..

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Blaze9292529d ago

Yes, I'm going to believe Walmart of all sources...

I don't understand why we keep getting articles about place holder dates by retailers. "it’s hard to get a realistic place holder date" because it's a PLACE HOLDER...they aren't real to begin with.

SAE2529d ago

i bet it's in november :) ...

Pwnage182022529d ago

I want this game to be in stores asap... I just love the GTA series.. GO ROCKSTAR GO AND MAKE MORE AWESOME GAMES!!! but im probly thinkin this game will come around September but i hope im wrong

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