Microsoft Charging for Pedestrian Content

Have you ever wanted to watch the History of the Need for Speed series in HD? Well, its gonna cost you exactly 240 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live. Yeah, $3 for a "making of" video.

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drunkpandas6072d ago

I'm not going to point the finger, because this could be from EA or Microsoft or both. Either way, it's ridiculous to charge $3 for a making-of type of video. And 90 MS Points to watch a MLG match of Halo 2? Rip-off

fiercescuba6072d ago

I like how it costs more money to buy a full season of Family Guy by episode than the actual DVD.

Death6072d ago

As the service grows, we tend to see some odd things like this hit the market. Personally, I put this right up with the Madden tips from last year. I didn't want those either so it didn't affect me. If you feel this is a waste of money, by all means do not buy it. How the consumers react determines the viability or the contents justification for purchase.

It's not so much Microsoft wants you to pay for it, EA wants to see if you will buy it. I think they would have a much better chance of selling the Page 3 photoshoot myself, but I guess they have to start somewhere.

uxo226072d ago

Why is this something that people or crying and complaining about. It's simple, don't buy it if you don't want it. And if no one buys it, then they will remove it. And next time they'll think twice about whether or not they should try and sell this type of stuff.

MS & EA are both businesses people, their sole purpose for existence is to make money. So why do people act so surprised when something like this happens. There is sooooooooooo muuuuuuuuuuuuch b!tchin' and whining going on at N4G these days, what a bunch of unhappy depressed souls.

(This is only an example, folks so stay calm.)
I mean look at eye of judgement, what's with all the card packs how about charging me 70 bucks and give me all the card that come with the game. Here's why, because they want you to spend more money. I believe if you buy the entire card collection for it, it'll cost you in upwards of 140.00. But, I see it this way, rather than go through this, I'll just pass on the entire game. I can get unleashed and ratchet for 140.00 and still have enough left over for a pizza.

toughNAME6072d ago

no doubt this is EA

Microsoft is greedy...but EA out does them any day

jack who6072d ago

ok this is dumb we all no ea is greedy so what does this have to do with ms? other dev have there making of the game on live for free...i guess loot ninja must have missed that?!

and as for MLG again this has nothing to do with ms."Wait a minute. I can watch NFL football for free" oh what bout the 45$ a month you pay for your cable?

drunkpandas6072d ago

You do know that football games are broadcast on CBS and FOX, right? You can get those channels for free with an antenna, even in HD. No money needed.

fiercescuba6072d ago (Edited 6072d ago )

If MS is selling the right to view it then they do have something to do with it. Where do you think the MS points are redeemed and or purchased? I am going to venture a guess that all proceeds don't go to MLG.

jack who6072d ago

if i put sumthing dumb on xbl to sell like EA as been doing is it ms falt?

6072d ago
jack who6072d ago

whos game is it ? EA

who put a makeing of the game on live to be sold? EA

who is to be blamed? MS? you all dumb

any ways i dont see anyone putting a gun to your head and saying you have to buy it...and if you want it that bad do what Hatchetforce said go to Gametrailers.com and watch it for free...and stop with the ms hateing

ravinash6072d ago

MS Live, the Cash cow with udders fresh for milking.

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jackdoe6072d ago

That is odd. Why? I would think that providing a video about NFS would serve as an advertisement and would not cost anything.

giovonni6072d ago

Cause I'm not going to pay it, so three bucks are kept right in my pocket. Let EA, or Microsoft charge for it all they want. Those three dollars can buy me a cheese burger and fries, with a tall glass of water right from Mc Donald's.

fiercescuba6072d ago

at Gio

You read my mind dude.