For $2.99, THQ will sell you a pack of Saints Row 3 cheats

We just noticed that there’s already some Saints Row: The Third downloadable content available on Steam. Only not all of it is actually content.

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Cablephish3595d ago

Hmmm, paying to cheat? Not sure how I feel about that...

christheredhead3595d ago

someone commented on the site saying the "cheat pack" is like a shortcut pack. that you would eventually get those things at the end. i guess its sort of like EA's early unlock packs in a way. give the company a few bucks and they give you the content without having to actually play the game and unlock it yourself.

Hufandpuf3595d ago

I'm not paying any money for DLC. I buy the game, but I'm not supporting their cheap DLC and Cheat tactics.

solar3595d ago

I dont hate consoles, but i hate how DLC has been a staple of this gen, and the gamers who continue to support it.

Jobesy3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

I don't support dlc, I bought 1 map pack for COD4 and nothing after that for any game. Dlc is out of hand, but it won't stop because in most cases its 100% profit.

lugia 40003595d ago

Wanna unlock all? Grab a 100% save.

Coltrane_C3595d ago

The question is...Who needs cheats in Saints Row 3?

banjadude3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

I'm only buying the season pass. I can't believe they want to charge us for cheat codes! Oh God.. I hope this isn't becoming a new trend.


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