Skyrim: A tourist’s guide

Skyrim is vast, and while there’s interesting stuff everywhere, there are some sights you can’t miss. When you’re done with the next leg of your current quest, or fancy a break from the frantic bandit murder, look up one or two of these and sigh in happy appreciation.

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Rhezin3594d ago

Westeros is SO much more badass.

Perjoss3594d ago

The scenery of Skyrim totally blows my mind, how is it even possible a game this big has something interesting to look at no matter where you are and what direction you look in. They have some serious talent in the Bethesda Game Studios team.

Mikeyy3594d ago

I know! At the beginning I'm just looking up the mountain at the snow storm brewing way up above! Its so cool! I've only gotten to play for an hour sofar though =/

Hazmat133594d ago

a big jump from oblivion. next stop for bethesda nuclear wasteland?