BioWare might change Mass Effect 3 script in wake of leak

Probably as part of some diabolical, taking-candy-from-babies Reaper plot, an unfinished build of Mass Effect 3 was recently leaked onto Xbox Live. BioWare’s troubles didn’t end there, however, as a Russian website took a quick dip in the code and emerged with an equally still-in-progress version of the game’s script. Unfortunately, that didn’t stop many fans from taking it as the Gospel according to Shepard, and the world’s biggest pitchfork and torch convention convened right here on our humble little Internet.

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GraveLord3604d ago

Will this mean another delay?

SignifiedSix3604d ago

I would hope not. Been waiting for this game for some time now!

rezzah3604d ago

Hope they do it, maybe it'll teach some people for being idiots.

radphil3604d ago

So millions suffer a delay for the choices of a few?

unknownhero11233604d ago

think of it this way, if bioware does change the script then those nasty few won't/can't ruin the story for others so it would be a blessing in disguise!

rezzah3603d ago

Patience is a virtue, the worst that could happen to a person in that delay is that they lose a limb, go blind, something happens that prevents them from playing forever; at the very worst is death.

The chances of any of these is low unless you put yourself into a situation that may increase anything from happening.

People will learn to live on despite the delay, and if they choose not to then can you picture anyone killing them self for a delayed game?

radphil3603d ago

"think of it this way, if bioware does change the script then those nasty few won't/can't ruin the story for others so it would be a blessing in disguise!"

They're not randomly going to stores and yelling it out, or making prank phone calls about it.

Hell many people don't even know it's leaked.
I didn't even know it was leaked till someone said something about it in this article.

SilentNegotiator3604d ago

It'll just mean a delay or thrown together ending if they do.

What does changing it accomplish? Are there just millions of people who read the leaked story and said "Yay! Now I don't have to buy the game to know how it ends!" or are a couple of dorks having the story leaked on them ruin everything? No? Then don't waste our time and yours, Bioware.

Me and 99% of potential buyers haven't read the leaks.

potedude3604d ago

Surely they cant re-write now? The game is so close to launching and a complete re-write would take months. The they would have to re-animate some of the facial animations and that would take ages too.

This is the game I have been amped for, even more so than (dare I say it) Skyrim. Stupid-ass hackers and leakers and whatnot. Ruining my gaming paradise...

pctrollv43604d ago (Edited 3604d ago )

haha, what a bunch of pussies, seriously, no doubt its going to be worse now. Who cares if a bunch of morons leaked the story? my god, get over yourself bioware, after playing skyrim (i have never enjoyed an elder scrolls game), i realized how shitty DA2 is. I knew it before, but then i realized how skyrim, witcher 2, and DA: Origins are miles ahead of DA2. DA2 is a kiddy rpg, for rpg noobs, for gamers no older than 15 years old, with big boobs and asses and some bad words for the hardcore posers on the deadbox. Bioware has nothig on bethesda or cd pprojekt. ME3 is a third person shooter and nothing else.

Xyle3602d ago

Hey bud, your opinion here doesn't matter. ME3 will be epic. Console wars aren't wanted here either, go eff yourself

steve30x3604d ago

I might be wrong about this , but the leak could have been done on purpose to get some feedback on what is done so far.

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