Battlefield 3 (PC) Review - JPS

It’s been 6 years since the last Battlefield title was released. Yes there have been Bad Company titles to bridge the gap but there hasn’t been a true Battlefield game since back in 2005. However Battlefield 3 is finally here hoping to bring adrenalin rushing realistic gameplay to gamers. Will the game which offers players plenty of destruction be an explosive success or will it be as entertaining as a building collapsing into you?

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easto1a3508d ago

wasn't gonna pick this game up as i have cod but might as well if its 4.5/5 lol

Panthers3508d ago

This game is so amazing online. It feels like a war. My first experience online was a blast and Ive been hooked every since. Im only lvl 3 and havent had too much time to play it but what Ive seen, Ive loved.

ssb31733501d ago

great game that is worthy of this score, nice